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From the Collection of John Hawkins:


A Test Pressing of
The Best Of Vanilla Fudge.

Purchased in England from a dealer who had bought it in the US, this pressing came complete with the track list shown at left, which has Season Of The Witch mispelled.






Circa 1982
Specialty Records Corporation 94006-1



From the Florida Record Collector's Association:.

A single promo release of The Pigeons!

(In The) Midnight Hour / Stay In My Corner Baby





Thanks to all the FRCA officers: Jeff Smith, Wendy Smith, Syd Crosby, & Lisa Crosby!


Date Unknown (1966?)
Musicor MU-1199



From the Collection of Gern Blandsten:


"Nuggets" Volume 8: Acid Rock compilation LP featuring Vanilla Fudge along with Steppenwolf, The Chambers Brothers, The Rascals, Strawberry Alarm Clock, and more...


Date Unknown



From the Collection of Suzanne Messics:


The Super Groups compilation LP featuring Vanilla Fudge's versions of Eleanor Rigby and Take Me For A Little While.

Other bands on the album are Cream, Buffalo Springfield, The Rascals, Iron Butterfly, and the Bee-Gees.


ATCO SO 33-279



From the Collection of Ray Shope:


Four examples of Fudge albums on 8-track tapes, just
like we used to keep all over the car!

Renaissance, Renaissance, The Beat Goes On, and Rock & Roll


8-Track Tapes



Singles from the collection of Andreas Hedler:


Some Velvet Morning / People


Atlantic ATL 70 384

Shotgun / Good Good Livin'


Atlantic ATL 70 359

You Keep Me Hangin' On / Eleanor Rigby


Reissue circa '80s
Atlantic ATL 10 323

Need Love / I Can't Make It Alone


Atlantic ATL 70 396

Where Is My Mind / The Look Of Love


Atlantic ATL 70 258

Come By Day Come By Night / Take Me For A Little While


Atlantic ATL 70 301



From the collection of Jonathan Gatarz:


From Jonathan Gatarz: At left, Jonathan's copy of Vanilla Fudge from Viet Nam. At right, the cover of a German double album that contained Vanilla Fudge and Renaissance in one package!



From Jonathan Gatarz: The Korean Release of Near The Beginning, re-worked entirely in blue.



Released on the Sam Wha Record Label #L172



From The Collection Of Bob Oehrlein:


"Dozer" Bob Oehrlein and OBW have in their possesion a "For Disc Jockeys Only" demo of a single released from Vanilla Fudge's The Beat Goes On album featuring the Mozart: Divertimento #13 In F Major and Beethoven: Moonlight Sontata & Fur Elise. Collectors should watch for this one!



(ATCO EP-237)



From the Collection of Wayne Eberhart:


The Labels from the above D.J. copy of Fur Elise/Moonlight Sonata.

Mozart on the reverse side.









From The Collection Of OBW:


OBW located the long-searched-for The Carmine Appice Story recently. The album features Carmine being interviewed by the Doors' Ray Manzarek, along with several music tracks played during this radio show!

Ray Manzarek Radio Interview
Tracks / Performers
You Keep Me Hangin' On / Vanilla Fudge
Take Me For A Little While / Vanilla Fudge
One Way or Another / Cactus
Long Tall Sally / Cactus
Lady / Beck, Bogert, and Appice
Morning Dew / Beck, Bogert, and Appice
Hollywood Heartbeat / Carmine Appice
Have You Heard / Carmine Appice



CBS/Pasha Records AS1368

CD Compilation of hits from the Fudge & Iron Butterfly from Flashback Records. Includes You Keep Me Hangin' On, Ticket To Ride, Season Of The Witch Part 1, Shotgun, and Take Me For A Little While.

 (Flashback Records,
Los Angeles, CA)

The Atlantic/ATCO AOR 12"/33 & 1/3 Promotional single of the Vanilla Fudge song Mystery from 1984. It is a "Promotional Copy" in a plain white cardboard cover. Side A is the 4:35 min. LP version of Mystery (ST-PR-46431-SP). Side B is the 3:39 min. Singles version of Mystery (ST-PR-46674-SP).

 (ATCO # PR 625)

An Evening With Carmine Appice & Friends - "A Benefit For UNICEF & the Children of the World". This was an ABC Radio Networks/DIR Broadcast, and includes the1982 Vanilla Fudge reunion (all 4 members). It features live performances of You Keep Me Hangin' On, Take Me For A Little While, and People Get Ready - plus artists like Rick Derringer and Charlie Daniels performing live with Carmine Appice.

 King Biscuit Flower Hour, March 14, 1982 (Double LP)

Rock Connections With Mike Harrison. Radio Show - You Keep Me Hangin' On single by Vanilla Fudge. (Yes, it is CBS Radioradio!)

 CBS Radioradio, May 15, 1987 (LP)

Classic Cuts. Radio Show - 20 or 30 second interview with Tim Bogert & Mark Stein introducing the You Keep Me Hangin' On single.

 March18, 1991. MJI Broadcasting CC-V1-221 (LP)

Joe Carmine Appice. Radio Show - Desert Island Disc Radio Show - Carmine, acting as guest DJ, plays some of his favorite records while briefly making comments about them.

June 17, 1991.
MJI Broadcasting DID-76

Solid Gold Scrapbook - Vaults of ATCO Records. A brief Mark Stein interview before playing You Keep Me Hangin' On.

Unistar Radio Networks (CD)

Things Go Better With Coke - Sixties Coca-Cola Commercials 1965-'69. Short and Long versions of the original Vanilla Fudge Coke Commercials (with Jeff Beck on Guitar).

1969. The Coca Cola Company, AT-134, McCann-Erickson (CD)

The Sullivan Years - Born to Be Wild Rock Classics. The two live Vanilla Fudge performances on the Ed Sullivan Show: January 14, 1968, You Keep Me Hangin' On; and February 2, 1969, Shotgun.

 TVT Records
TVT 9430-2 (CD)



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