The Band Log: 1969

    1 January: Salem, Oregon

      Vanilla Fudge headline.

    4 January: San Diego, Ca.,

       Vanilla Fudge headline.

    11 January: Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, Ca.,

       Vanilla Fudge headline. Spirit opens.

    26 -28 January: The Cheetah Club, NY,

      Vanilla Fudge headline. Siegal-Schwartz and Glass Family open.

    2 February: Ed Sullivan Show (live)New York, NY

      Vanilla Fudge perform "Shotgun"

    3 February: Singles Release:

      "Shotgun / Good Good Lovin'" (ATCO 6655)

    5 February: LP Release:

      "Near the Beginning" (ATCO 33-278)

    7-8 February: Kinetic Playground, Chicago, IL

      Vanilla Fudge headline. Led Zeppelin & Jethro Tull opening acts.

    8 March: Fillmore East, New York, NY

      Vanilla Fudge headline. Amboy Dukes (with Rusty Day) opening act.

    9 April: Pasadena, California.

      Vanilla Fudge headline. "It's a Beautiful Day" open.

    25 April: Alumni Memorial Gymnasium, Lafayette College, Easton, Pa.

      Vanilla Fudge headline. The Chains opening act.

    26 April: Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pa.,

      Vanilla Fudge headline. Opening act unknown.

    29 April: Singles Release:

      "Some Velvet Morning / People" (ATCO 6679).

    6-7 June: Kinetic Playground, Chicago, IL

      Vanilla Fudge headline. Muddy Waters and Rotary Connection (with Minnie Ripperton) opens.

    20 June: Newport '69 Festival, San Bernardino, CA

      Vanilla Fudge, bill includes Joe Cocker & Buddy Miles Express (with Jim McCarty)

    27-29 June: Denver Pops Festival, Mile High Stadium, Denver, CO

      Vanilla Fudge headline. Spirit opens.

    ND July: Montreal, Canada

      Mark Stein & Fudge Roadies Paco & Richard Zimmer are busted for drugs - charges soon dropped by authorities for insufficient evidence.

    13 July: Singer Bowl Music Festival, Flushing Meadow Park, NY

      Vanilla Fudge headline. The Jeff Beck Group (joined by Led Zeppelin onstage) , Ten Years After & The Edwin Hawkins Singers are the opening acts. (After show, Tim Bogert & Carmine Appice, agree to eventually start band with Jeff Beck & Rod Stewart. Because of Beck's subsequent auto accident, plans are delayed and Cactus with Rusty Day & Jim McCarty eventually formed in Feb. 1970).

    14 July: Honolulu, Hi.

    22 July: Singles Release:

      "Need Love / I Can't Make It Alone" (ATCO 6703)

    25 or 27 July: Seattle Pops Festival, Woodenville, WA

      Vanilla Fudge, bill includes The Doors, Led Zeppelin, and Alice Cooper. (Fudge stay at the "Edgewater Inn" fishing in Seattle Sound with members of Led Zeppelin). This is the time of the infamous "Mud Shark Incident".

    26 July: Agrodome, Vancouver, Canada,

      Vanilla Fudge and Led Zeppelin share the bill.

    29 July: Kinsman Field House, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

      Vanilla Fudge and Led Zeppelin share the bill.

    30 July: The Terrace Ballroom, Salt Lake City, Utah,

      Vanilla Fudge and Led Zeppelin share the bill.

    ND, July: Blossom Music Center, Akron, OH

    August 1969: El Paso County Coliseum, El Paso, Tx, Vanilla Fudge headline.

    ND (early) September: Gaithersburg, MD, Shadygrove Music Fair

      Vanilla Fudge Headline. Temptations in audience and Mark Stein dedicates You Keep Me Hanging On to them.

    ND (mid) September: "International Pop Music Festival", Venice, Italy (televised).

      Vanilla Fudge win the "Gondola d'Oro" award.

    25 September: LP Release:

       "Rock & Roll" (ATCO 33-303)

    26 September: Marquee Club, London, UK.

      Vanilla Fudge headline. "The Grail" open.

    10-11 October: Fillmore East, New York, NY

      Vanilla Fudge headline, "It's A Beautiful Day" & "Dr. John" open.

    1 November: Reisner Hall, Shippensburg State College, Shippensburg, PA

       Vanilla Fudge headline.

    Thanksgiving Weekend, November: Palm Beach Festival., FL

      Vanilla Fudge, bill includes Janis Joplin's Full Tilt Boogie Band & Johnny Winter Band. All three bands jam together on stage.

    7 December: Newcastle, IN

      Vanilla Fudge headline. WT Christey & The Ritual open.

    ND/NM 1969: Rose Palace, Pasadena, CA

    Summer 1969: The Majestic Theatre, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, Vanilla Fudge headline and REO Speedwagon open.

    ND/NM 1969: West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV

    ND/NM 1969: Saville Theatre, London, UK