The Band Log: 1987


    Vanilla Fudge's "Back to the Future" Tour (Vince Martell replaced by Paul Hanson on guitar):

    29 January: The Ritz, New York, NY

       Vanilla Fudge headline. War and Rare Earth open.

    30 January: Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ

      Vanilla Fudge Headline. War and Rare Earth open.

    15 February: Orpheum Theater, Minneapolis, MN

      Vanilla Fudge Headlin. War and Rare Earth are to open but War is a no show for some reason (Thanks to Mike Weiss for info)

    19 March.: Circle Star Theatre, San Carlos, CA

      Vanilla Fudge headline. War open (This show was delayed a couple of weeks. It was originally going to include Rare Earth but when it was rescheduled, Iron Butterfly replaced them on the bill. The night of the actual concert, Iron Butterfly failed to show but few asked for a ticket refund)

    31 March: The Palace, Hollywood, CA

      Vanilla Fudge headline. Spirit opens.