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The 1st Fudge Site Chat With
(Recorded August 15, 1998)

That's right! Our old chat room didn't have automatic logging capability so much of this chat was lost! Mark has promised the site a second chat sometime in the near future, but we decided to put this up for history's sake. It's still definitely fun reading for hard core fans...

This partial chat begins with a question from...

[Bill Bates] Did you do a limited edition LP titled Psychedelic Light Effect with Cream?

[Mark] Not that I'm aware of, Bill.

[Tom Pepper] hmmmmmmmmmm.

[Stan] No way Bill. I'd have it!

[Bill Bates] Sigh... I thought it was too good to be true...

[Tom Pepper] Bill? rebuttal?

Casey> <grin>

[Mark] I do remember playing some gigs with Cream in Texas.

[Bill Bates] Yeah Stan, I think the rumor was started based on that instore promo LP you have of Cream and VF.

[Bill Bates] Yes Mark! There's a guy who was at one of those Texas concerts who gave you a very favorable review on his website.

[Bill Bates] He said you blew Cream off the stage!

[Mark] What site? He's right. I was pissed at Ginger Baker and we did it out of vengeance.

Casey> LOL

[Tom Pepper] ^5 Mark.

[Mark] I'm serious.

[Tom Pepper] ^5 - high five.

Casey> What were you pissed about?

[Bill Bates] I've heard Ginger was very difficult to get along with.

[Tom Pepper] Ginger looked as bad as that Rolling Stones guy does now.

[Stan] Then you must have been pissed off each time I saw you because you kicked ass.

[Tom Pepper] Kieth.

[Mark] When we got off the plane I went to shake hands with Ginger and he refused, so I told him just for that I'm gonna blow you off the stage tonight and we did.

[Tom Pepper] LOL Good Stuff i love it. :)

[Tom Pepper] Inspirational.

[Tom Pepper] Mark Timmy will be chatting here next Sept .. can I tell or give him a message.

[Mark] Yes, you can give my best to Tim.

[Tom Pepper] I cant spell either.

[Tom Pepper] OK, Mark.

>> Mud has joined channel #Vanilla_Chat

[Bill Bates] Wow, I think that was on their farewell US tour you blew them away. Guess Ginger had a pretty swollen head at the time.

Casey> MUD!!!

Casey> You Turkey!

[Tom Pepper] Full of Crystal I heard.

[Mark] He had a swollen speed habit.

Casey> How totally appropriate!

[Stan] Maybe that's Pete.

[Mud] I can't believe you're still here!

[Tom Pepper] Who's Mud?

Casey> Pete Bremy!

[Bill Bates] Oh Pete... good to see you at last!

[Tom Pepper] Pete :)

[Mark] Hey Mud...

Casey> Who's name will be mud from now on!! <grin>

[Tom Pepper] LOL Casey.

[Mud] Mud is Pete. Pete is Mud. Mud thought it started at 9:00. I just got home. Thank God you're still here!

[Tom Pepper] Pete Mud has entered the room.

[Bill Bates] Hi Pete!

[Mark] I think you better go back and do another cover of Near The Beginning. LOL

[Mud] Hi Everybody, I can't believe I did something so stupid!

[Stan] Hi Mud!

[Tom Pepper] Mark meet Pete, Pete meet Mark.

Casey> We've been here for over an hour!

Casey> Longer even!

[Mud] Hi Mark, sorry!

[Bill Bates] Is Vince with you?

[Mud] No.

[Mark] No problem, we already know each other.

[Tom Pepper] Pete knows all the big shots. :)

[Mud] Okay, I guess this dims my reliability a little. I've been staring at that page for how many weeks? I even updated the darn thing.

[Stan] Pete, you're too late. We all signed up as roadies for a reunion tour. All slots are filled.

Casey> LOL!!!

[Tom Pepper] Ok Pete, Mark has at least three more hours to waist got any questions?

[Mud] Of course I do, but I gotta catch my breath first! :-)

[Tom Pepper] Jogging?

[Mud] No, coming back to reality. :-)

[Stan] Soccer practice?

[Bill Bates] Guys, I have to go. Mark thanks for your wonderful music Great to see everybody else. Casey do take care and have a safe trip to Wyoming. Great to see you Pete!

[Tom Pepper] I've Been moving on so long so long Baby I cant seem to find my head ...

[Tom Pepper] Am i right ?

[Stan] See you Bill!

[Mark] Take care, Bill, have a good night

[Mud] Seeya, Bill, sorry I was late!

[Tom Pepper] OK Bill, take some typing classes :)

[Mud] First, are there any chat rules I should know about?

[Tom Pepper] No, Pete we have said p*** & s*** twice already

[Tom Pepper] Mark did.

[Tom Pepper] :)

[Stan] Yes. Be prompt! :)

[Mud] Tom>LOL Stan>Touche!

[Tom Pepper] LOL

Casey> Bye, Bill, Thanks!

>> Bill Bates has left channel #Vanilla_Chat

[Tom Pepper] Mark is very relaxed so be kind Pete.

Casey> Oops, I think I missed Bill... Are you tired Mark? Let me know when you're ready to call it quits... but this has been great.

[Mud] Okay, Mark, on Mystery the Hammond was conspicuously absent. On the reunion tour and the Atlantic 40th it seemed more prominent again. Is it still a part of your keyboard arsenal these days?

[Mark] All those Fudge shows took it out of me and left me like this: RELAXED.

[Tom Pepper] I bet! LOL

[Tom Pepper] Pete. I was trying to talk him into bringing out the old Hammond.

[Tom Pepper] Earlier.

[Mark] On the Mystery LP we were trying to be more current sounding for the time maybe that was a mistake.

[Tom Pepper] hmmmmmmmm.

[Tom Pepper] <---- Spoiled

[Tom Pepper] Spoiled too.

Casey> I don't think so, personally, I think it was a bold move...

[Mark] I still have the original VF Hammond organ, cigarette burns and all.

[Tom Pepper] Wow .. is it tuned & ready to go Mark?

[Mark] I was thinking of maybe donating it to the Hard Rock in Vegas.

[Tom Pepper] If Needed.

[Tom Pepper] Mark donate it to Engine 49 it's fire house in Chicago.:)

[Mark] Yyup.

[Mark] Yup.

[Mud] Can I take that as a yes, then? You use the Hammond, or plan to use it more again? I believe you have a chopped one, am I right?

[Tom Pepper] Good.

[Mark] I sold the cut down one to the keyboard player in Guns & Roses.

[Tom Pepper] Wow and they broke up.

[Mark] Yes.

[Mark] They were good, though.

[Tom Pepper] Well, I hope you get tons of $$$$$$ for it.

[Tom Pepper] Somewhat, yes.

[Mark] Did you ever hear of Danger Zone?

[Mud] Of course.

[Tom Pepper] You see Mark the Fudge Spoiled me .......

[Tom Pepper] Yes

[Tom Pepper] Didn't Carmine play with them?

[Mark] Guns & Roses opened for Danger Zone at the Roxy in L.A. a few months they got signed to Geffen.

Casey> It was Mark's band...

[Tom Pepper] Oh yesssssss...... i remember reading that on the site.

[Tom Pepper] <-------- DUH

[Mud] Yes, I know. When I said "of course" I was referring to Danger Zone.

[Tom Pepper] 3 piece?

[Tom Pepper] Wasn't it?

[Mark] Yes, it was a keyboard power trio.

[Mud] Mark, you sent a cassette with a couple of Danger Zone tracks to Randy Pratt. I've heard it. Smoke from a Distant Fire(my favorite) TMFALW, and I forget the other track.

[Mark] Thanks, that was a good one.

Casey> Mark... TMFALW is slang for "Take Me For A Little While", like YKMHO is "You Keep Me Hangin' On", etc... just in case you didn't know... <grin>

[Tom Pepper] <S>

[Mark] I thought it was a secret curse word!

[Tom Pepper] LOL

Casey> LOL

[Mud] I don't need to be secret to curse, Mark! :-)

[Mud] ...but isn't this a family show? S***!

[Tom Pepper] Mark, I got a title for your solo act.... "UNMEDITATED"

[Mark] It's the Truman show and I'm Truman.

[Mud] Save the best for last, I always say...

[Tom Pepper] LOL

[Mark] LOL Tom.

[Mark] Cool title.

[Tom Pepper] Use it, I wont charge you. :)

[Mark] I was thinking "Methuselah".

[Tom Pepper] What does that mean?

[Tom Pepper] LOL

[Mark] Methuselah was the oldest man in the Bible lived 900 years.

[Mud] Mark, aside from any possible Fudge plans ( I'm assuming that's been asked already and I'll read it in the transcript) are you doing _any performing at all where we might catch a gig?

[Tom Pepper] Cool .... i once belonged to a band called .. Aaron's Rod Magic staff thing from the Bible.

Casey> .... "The transcript"? Do you know something I don't? Was anybody getting all this?

[Mark] I figure God will forgive me for all I've done if I go biblical.

[Tom Pepper] I thought Bill Was.

[Tom Pepper] He Might Mark.

[Mud] Casey, no transcript?

Casey> You were transcriber...

[Mark] Uh OH.

[Tom Pepper] Mark let's watch ... :)

[Mud] Oh sure, blame it on me! :-)

[Tom Pepper] LOL

Casey> Who else is here! :-)

Casey> Named Mud?

Casey> <grin>

[Tom Pepper] LOL

>> Mud has left channel #Vanilla_Chat

[Mark] Casey can't you do a printout?

>> Pete has joined channel #Vanilla_Chat

[Mark] I think you hurt his feelings.

[Tom Pepper] LOL

[Pete] Mud who?????? LOL

[Tom Pepper] LOL PETE.

Casey> No... Text from here has to be copied and pasted into another program... there's no log!

[Tom Pepper] Casey can you print this?

[Mark] Great.

[Tom Pepper] I don't see how on here.

[Tom Pepper] Now Mark's Pissed .... wtf :)

[Mark] Guys, I think the Internet is becoming an abuse of democracy.

[Pete] How's that Mark?

[Mark] :)

Casey> <grin> It's true!

[Tom Pepper] LOL

[Pete] Ooooo, got me! :-)

[Mark] <GRIN>

[Tom Pepper] Mark, honestly, do you get along presently with Vince, Tim, & Carmine?

[Mark] Honestly not at all.

[Tom Pepper] S***.

Casey> It's okay, Tom...

[Tom Pepper] I had to open my big mouth.

[Mark] It's all their fault. :)

[Tom Pepper] LOL

[Tom Pepper] That smilie face gets me.

[Pete] Aha! I wasn't going to bite that one!!!!! ROFL!!!!

[Tom Pepper] Well there's still hope for us.

[Mark] I'm just kidding guys. I haven't seen them in a very long time but I'm sure if we met we would hug then hit.

Casey> That's the right order!

[Tom Pepper] Great Mark good to hear that. :)

[Tom Pepper] Really!!

[Mark] There's always hope.

[Tom Pepper] Yes!!!

[Stan] Mark, you're talking to some guys who have a lot of hope.

Casey> Pete, any more questions? This is a special chat for tardy people after all...

[Tom Pepper] Yes, I keep hanging on. And I will continue too.

[Mark] Well, you never know something might fall out of the sky. :)

[Pete] Mark, I see Vince quite a bit now. He has certainly told me a lot. He has given you tremendous credit for all you did. He's said there were a lot of mistakes, and really wants to forget it all. I believe him.

[Mark] He has what?

[Pete] Did I say something wrong?

[Mark] Did you say aids?

[Tom Pepper] LOL

[Tom Pepper] sorry

[Mark] my type cut off after "he has given you..."

[Pete] Sorry! He has given you...

[Pete] tremendous credit for all...

[Pete] you've done. He said there was...

[Pete] a lot of mistakes. He would like to...

[Pete] forget those and just play.

[Mark] So let him play.

[Tom Pepper] Cant wait to hear him

[Pete] He does. But, he'd like to play with you, too.

[Tom Pepper] <-- Thinking of flying to New Jersey to hear him but I wont rely on Pete picking me up at the airport, seeing as how he was so late here

[Tom Pepper] :)

Casey> <grin>

[Mark] Make sure he's not the pilot.

[Pete] You know, I could go to work and get less grief than this! :-)

[Tom Pepper] Mark, I wish you saw what Pete typed... it was sincere.

[Tom Pepper] LOL Mark.


Casey> Yes, we're being hard on you I guess...

Casey> But this is the second chat we've lost in a row...

[Mark] Where is he playing in NJ?

[Tom Pepper] Pete?

[Tom Pepper] I think it's New Jersey.

[Mark] Vinny or Pete or Mick .........or Paul.

[Tom Pepper] Up & down the East Coast?

[Pete] I don't know of any scheduled gigs now. I'll have to ask him....

[Pete] He's mostly playing LI and NYC.

[Tom Pepper] Pete where was he a couple weeks or so ago?

[Mark] Well, Tom, save your $$$ for now then.

[Tom Pepper] He emailed me and said he was going on a tour of sorts.

[Tom Pepper] LOL Mark.

[Pete] He was in Rock & Roll Cafe, NYC...

[Tom Pepper] ahhhhhh ok.

[Pete] He was in Rodeo Bar, NYC.

[Mark] I read about it on the front page of the New York Times.

[Mark] :)

[Tom Pepper] LOL

[Tom Pepper] Mark I got another title for that new CD ... "Mr Arrogant".

[Mark] Tom what is the address of your fire station?

[Tom Pepper] [Gives address].

[Tom Pepper] Why do you ask Mark?

[Pete] He's sending you the B3, silly!

[Tom Pepper] Pete :) I bet.

[Mark] I like it, and Mr. Arrogant would like to send you an autographed picture if it would please you.

[Tom Pepper] Mark, it certainly would. :)

[Tom Pepper] Thank you.

[Mark] Done.

[Tom Pepper] :)

[Mark] Anyone else?

[Tom Pepper] Wonderful...

Casey> Stan would like one!! I think he's having problems with his chat, he's in an out...

[Stan] [Gives address]

[Pete] How about signing my Hammond?

[Tom Pepper] MARK, TRY [Gives address]. This way I'll be sure to get it.

[Tom Pepper] Patty you getting all this? :)

[Mark] OK.

[Mark] Yes I am of course.

[Pete] [Gives address]

[Tom Pepper] Good :)

[Pete] I'll supply the magic marker.

[Mark] Zip

Casey> Zip code, Pete..

[Pete] 07480

Casey> <grin>

[Mark] OK.

[Tom Pepper] Mark No nudes ok?

[Mark] OK.

Casey> <grin>

[Tom Pepper] <G>

[Tom Pepper] <--- can be a dip chit

[Pete] BTW guys, where's Bob?

Casey> Bob was here, but had to leave...

[Tom Pepper] Bob was here, he had company.

[Pete] Ohhhhhh.

Casey> So was Sirocco [Brad Sylvia].

[Tom Pepper] Yes, Brad was here . At one time there was 11.

[Tom Pepper] Comin' & going.

[Stan] Some guy named mud was here.

[Mark] Mud is his name.

[Pete] Yeah, who was it?

Casey> We had a slow start, but we'd better call this to a halt. Mark has been on over two hours... Thanks Mark, Thanks Patty!!

[Stan] Peace Mark. Thanks for your time

Casey> God bless you both... Thanks from me too...

[Mark] Thanks guys. In closing I want to say that I swear on the souls of my grandchildren that I will not be the one to break the peace that we've made here today.

[Stan] God Bless You!

[Pete] Thanks Mark, I _am sorry I was late. You have a sharp wit! God Bless...

Casey> LOL! Seconded...

Casey> Bye Mark!

[Mark] Don't worry about it Pete, we'll do this again sometime. This was a good practice.

[Stan] I'll be here.

[Stan] Probably before Pete. :-)

Casey> Great for seeing it that way!! It'd be a blast to have you on again!

[Mark] Good Nite all.

[Mark] God Bless.

>> Mark has left channel #Vanilla_Chat

[Stan] GREAT!!!!!!!!!