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Vince Martell (08/06/1997)

Edited a bit for clarity, this chat with Fudge guitarist Vince Martell included Pete Bremy, Bill Bates, Tony Allen (via Email questions), and Casey Butler.


Vince has joined channel #Vanilla_Chat

[Pete] Hi Vince!

[Bill] Hi Vince!

[Vince] Hi everybody!

[Bill] Welcome and thanks for coming.

[Bill] Ok, well shall we get started everybody?

[Stan] Any release date on the (new) LP?

[Vince] No, but I expect it will be sometime around November, the way things are going it could even be after that...

[Bill] Great!

[Vince] We're trying to get it just right.

[Tony] When the group broke up were you still interested in the style shown in Renaissance. and Near The Beginning, or did you feel the music was dated?

[Vince] I was still interested in that style - I still am - I don't think it was dated at all.

[Bill] Great answer! Im so glad to hear somebody embracing that wonderful music like Vince has! God bless you Vince!

[Pete] Vince, this is a two parter. Is it true you're going to re-record Thoughts on your new CD? If so, how will the arrangement differ from the Fudge version?

[Vince] Yes, Pete, we've put it down. It's more involved... there's more to it with a guitar solo. It's very stretched out.

[Stan] I agree with Bill, as I think many do. You guys were the beginnings of what they now call progressive rock, but no one comes close to what you did.

[Vince] That's great, Stan, thank you!

[Bill] I read Tim [Bogert] is going to be singing on the new album. Will he be singing Mark's part of the vocals of Thoughts?

[Vince] We'd love him to sing, it depends on the final mix. On Thoughts, we have a couple of girls that will be doing the harmonies on that.

[Tony] Was any thought given to a full version [of the Fudge's] Good Good Lovin', or was it just a throwaway for a side B?

[Vince] There was a lot of thought put into Good Good Lovin', but the record company made the decision to put in on the back of a single.

[Casey] When was Good Good Lovin' recorded?

[Vince] Late '68 or early '69.

[Stan] Is there any news regarding a 30th Anniversary tour or LP?

[Vince] Yes, we're still working on it. We're trying to get everybody lined up. We've got 3/4 of the membership lined up... It's still up in the air but it's looking good..

[Stan] Is Mark the 1/4 that's not lined up? And why do you think he is not a more public figure?

[Vince] Where are you from, Stan?

[Stan] PA [Pennsylvania].

[Casey] Just a second Stan... Vince asked if I'd hang on...

[Stan] No problem.

[Vince] We hear that Mark's been busy doing studio work in recent years... why he's not more public, anybody's guess is as good as mine!

[Tony] Renaissance is a masterpiece! Did the band think so at the time?

[Vince] I thought so, and the band did too. We had a lot of good feedback with that.

[Bill] Vince, since you're recording a lot of new tracks for the new LP... I was wondering if you'll still keep Whiter Shade of Pale on the album? Your voice and guitar would be wonderful on that song.

[Vince] We did more songs than we're going to be using on the album, so I'm not yet sure what the final is going to be. I'd like to see it on, it all depends because we have quite a few extras!

[Tony] Little Question: The song Good Good Lovin' - Should it have been Good Good Livin' since that's what the lyrics say?

[Vince] Very observant! Yes, the song was meant to be Good Good Livin', but it was mistitled by the record company!

[Stan] This is a test of the Vanilla Fudge broadcast system...

[Vince] <g> A grin on your Test, Stan!

[Pete] Have you decided what tracks Tim will play on?

[Vince] Yes, we've decided he'll play on three, possibly four, tracks. He'll be playing on Thoughts.

[Pete] Cool! Any other track names?

[Bill] Vince about your TV show: Any chance you'd provide some video clips of it from your web page?

[Vince] We're thinking of putting the videos on the site for people, Bill.

[Bill] Great! Ive never seen you live! A live concert of the Vince Martell band?

[Vince] Yes, I've got a few of those, some from the TV show.

[Bill] Do it!

[Vince] Stan, did you ask a question?

[Stan] I'm still thinking...

[Bill] LOL! Wish I could do that. <smile>

[Pete] I thought I smelled something burning! <g>

[Vince] Besides the shows, I've got other videos i'd like to make available. We just did one in the City at Manny's Car Wash.

[Bill] Vince, about Rick Ramirez... How did you ever make contact with him? We hadn't heard about him in years.

[Vince] We contacted him through the studio that Randy Pratt owns. They were able to reach him, Bill.

[Bill] Has he been working in other bands recently?

[Vince] I knew him from the Boomerang days, we jammed a few times, then he seemed to have just disappeared.

[Bill] For such a young man he was very talented.

[Vince] Yes he was. I knew all of the players from Boomerang, unfortunately Jimmy Galuzi died in the late seventies. He was a great drummer.

[Bill] I'm sorry to hear that

[Pete] Vince, a technical question. You told me you still have your Gibsons, what kind of amp are you using on your rock gigs now?

[Vince] I use a combination, Pete, I've got a Marshall... I've also got a souped up Ampeg... and I use two or three because I like a stereo effect around me...

[Pete] Stacks? or smaller ones

[Vince] It's always a combo of the amps, and I vary them. I like to have three amps at rock gigs, I never go in with less than two.

[Pete] Cool! Sounds like the legendary Vince Martell sound! Can't wait to hear it again!

[Stan] Me too...

[Bill] Ditto!

[Vince] Thanks, guys!

[Pete] Thank YOU, Vince!

[Bill] Vince, do you have any plans for a national tour when your new album comes out ?

[Vince] If it gets to that point I'd love to! I'm ready! We'd book the whole planet...

[Bill] Far out!!!!

[Stan] That should even cover PA!

[Pete] <VBG> (Stan)

[Tony] What did you do in the seventies?

[Vince] I did a lot of local gigs, some television production, and generally had a good time trying to spend all the money!

[Bill] LOL!

[Bill] Vince, I know since the Fudge days you've done lots of work with Unicef, children's hospitals, and, I even hear, nursing homes. Do you have any favorite causes in all of that philanthropy?

[Vince] I have a bunch of favorite causes: I do gigs at the Vet hospital (since I was in the Navy), they sacrificed a lot for the country and I don't think they get enough credit...

[Bill] Amen!

[Vince] One of my TV shows is directed at Vets, I'm hoping to expand it to where people can ask them questions...

[Bill] Interactive TV?

[Vince] and give interviews. Another project coming up: I'm working with Kids With Disabilities for the next two weeks full time.

[Bill] Are you raising funds?

[Vince] The nursing home gig was really satisfying...

[Bill] Yes, that sounded really nice.

[Vince] I also have a big thing with animals and the ecology! I'm hoping to do a concert for raising funds for trees and animals shortly - I'm into saving trees...

[Bill] Good for you! Out here in California we need all the help we can get!

[Bill] Anything specific on those issues?

[Vince] For instance the deer upstate here, I'm into raising people's consciences to the crowding and their basic plight.

[Bill] How do you see the present administration on these issues, President Clinton for example?

[Vince] I'm not following it that closely, as far as being right up on what's going on. But I know there's a lot of room for improvement.

[Pete] Obviously you're aware about deer Vince, are you aware about the spreading bear population in our area too? People want to start shooting them too, here in Jersey.

[Vince] It's like the animals always get the raw end of the deal.

[Pete] It's obvious you're a man of real heart, Vince.

[Bill] Yeah (sigh)

[Vince] I think it all comes back to haunt you if you don't, Pete.

[Stan] I would like to wish Vince success in his solo effort. I can't wait to hear it. Selfishly, I also can't wait to add more Vanilla Fudge memories to the many I already have as I watch you guys perform during THE VANILLA FUDGE 30th ANNIVERSARY TOUR! God bless you, Vince.

[Bill] Bye Stan!

[Pete] Peace, Stan

[Vince] Thank you very much, Stan, God bless you too!

[Stan] I'll talk to you guys on the forum. Fudge Fan Forever, Stan. [Stan leaves the chat]

[Bill] Look forward to it Stan Thanks!

[Bill] Vince, did you know Randy California ? He was also very active about the environment and making our world a little more humane.

[Vince] No, I didn't know Randy, but we did a couple of gigs with Spirit.

[Bill] Yeah I think Casey attended one of those you did with Spirit.

[Casey] Yep, I just reminded him!

[Casey] Okay everybody, are we all done?

[Vince] I'd like to thank of the Fudge fans from the old days...
[Vince] And for your loyalty...
[Vince] And on behalf of all four of us...
[Vince] Thanks Casey, Pete, and Bill..
[Vince] for everything that you guys have done...
[Vince] to connect us up to this new medium...
[Vince] where we can connect to the fans...
[Vince] We didn't know there were so many fans...
[Vince] As far as my album...
[Vince] I'm looking to getting some sound samples up on the page when they're finalized...
[Vince] And I'm looking forward at some point to meeting you all...
[Vince] If a tour happens all of you will be invited with the works, backstage and all.

[Vince] Thanks again!

[Bill] Great! Man, it's just wonderful to see you back!

[Pete] We have this recorded Vince! We'll hold you to it!! <G>

[Bill] Yeah!!! Lol!

[Vince] The good Lord willing...

[Pete] Vince, for me, this has been a thank you. If you never played another note (God forbid) we'd still do it!

[Vince] I hope to make more noise for the Fudge and myself.

[Bill] Amen.

[Pete] Rock on!

[Bill] Keep on rockin'!!!

[Vince] Goodbye guys, and thanks again!

[Pete] Seeya, Vince!

[Bill] Bye, Vince!