The Vanilla Fudge Discography

By Bob Jaccino and OBW.
Edited and Designed by Casey Butler & Pete Bremy.

How It's Organized


The Vanilla Fudge multiaxial discography is composed of 4 peripheral axes: LP's, Singles, CD's, and Miscellaneous around a central or master axis called the Vanilla Fudge Song Catalog. The core of the whole system is the song catalog where we have attached Real Audio clips, times, and links to the various musical mediums those songs were recorded, performed and promoted or marketed by Vanilla Fudge and their several record and promotional companies.

The four peripheral axes list each known item from every medium and market we are presently aware of. Each item is identified by an 8 digit ID number which is thus explained:

From left to right: the first digit refers to one of the four peripheral axes or mediums:

  • 1 = LP's

  • 2 = Singles
  • 3. = CD's
  • 4 = Miscellaneous or Other, including Cassettes, Reel to Reels, 8 Tracks, Video's, Radio Shows, commercials etc.

The second digit identifies the continent in which the item was marketed.

  • 1 = North America

  • 2 = Europe
  • 3 = Asia
  • 4 = South America
  • 5 = Australia
  • 6 = Africa

The next 3 digits are the phone companies "country codes" for whatever country the item was marketed in (see a phone book for key).

In our list the USA and Canada have a 000 calling code which they share.

The remaining 3 far right digits are the axial number of the item. All items are numbered consecutively in each of the 4 axes starting with the number 001 in each axis.

This system allows cross indexing and sorting across the entire spectrum of every audio visual product within the Vanilla Fudge's 31 year history and beyond. Information can be sorted by medium, continent, nation or by the songs themselves. We hope to add future hyper links between each song and the many mediums Vanilla Fudge has either recorded, performed or discussed each song throughout their long career. It also allows us to keep our Real Audio files at the center of our multiaxial system for the convenience of the Vanilla Fudge's fans and serious researches alike.

We realize that despite our best efforts this attempt to record, store and present all the material Vanilla Fudge have recorded and released throughout 31 years is far from complete. If you have any records, tapes, videos, CD's, radio shows etc which we have not listed here, please inform us of them. We would prefer to receive the date, nation, label and catalog number of every item in your Vanilla Fudge collection which we can add here. We hope that this list shall never be completed as these recordings continue to be reissued as new mediums and generations follow after us.

We do hope, however, that someday we will achieve a currently complete list on which future generations can confidently record their own generation's and technology's reissuance of this wonderful recorded body of work simply called, Vanilla Fudge. Peace.