LP Discography

    United States Releases:

      Vanilla Fudge
      (11000) 001: 1967, ATCO SD 33-224, (Mono/Stereo)
      The Beat Goes On
      (11000) 002: 1968, ATCO SD 33-237, (Mono/Stereo)
      With gatefold sleeve (different liner notes for MONO & STEREO issues)
      (11000) 003: 1968, ATCO SD 33-244, (Mono/Stereo)
      Near the Beginning
      (11000) 004: 1969, ATCO SD 33-278, (Stereo)
      Rock & Roll
      (11000) 005: 1969, ATCO SD 33-303, (Stereo)
      Type "C" metal master disc version with shorter mix of "Windmills of Your Mind"
      Rock & Roll
      (11000) 006: 1969, ATCO SD 33-303, (Stereo)
      Type "A" metal master disc version with full length mix of "Windmills of You Mind"
      • Note there are other mix and arrangement differences on other songs
      While the World Was Eating Vanilla Fudge
      (11000) 007: 1970, Wand WDS-687, (Stereo-Monic)
      Gatefold sleeve, Mark Stein and the Pigeons, recorded circa 1966, before Carmine Appice joined the Pigeons (Dec. 1966) and they changed their name to Vanilla Fudge.

      Best of Vanilla Fudge
      (11000) 008: 1982, ATCO 90006-1, (Stereo)
      Compilation LP
      (11000) 009: 1984, ATCO 90149-1 (Stereo)
      Lyrics sheet on inner sleeve

    United States Promo Releases:

      Vanilla Fudge / Cream
      (11000) 010: 1969, ATCO TL-ST-141, (Stereo)
      Includes 3 Songs from Near The Beginning LP: Shotgun, Some Velvet Morning and Where is Happiness, plus 4 songs from Cream's"Goodbye" LP on side two of this in store promo LP.


      Vanilla Fudge
      (15061) 011: 1967, Atlantic/Festival MONO AL-32,682
      & Atlantic/Festival Stereo SAL-932,686

      The Beat Goes On
      (15061) 012: Atlantic/Festival (S) AL 932844
      Same graphic on front sleeve as the US issues, but not a gate fold. It has the same liner notes as were used on the US MONO  version of this LP, on it's reverse sleeve.
      (15061) 013: Atlantic/Festival (S) AL 932990
      Near the Beginning
      (15062) 014: Atlantic/Festival (S) AL 933239
      Rock & Roll
      (15061) 015: Atlantic/Festival (S) AL 933508

      While the World was Eating Vanilla Fudge
      Mark Stein and the Pigeons (This issue does not have a gate fold sleeve)
      (15061) 016: Scepter/Festival Records SJL-93387878
      Vanilla Fudge
      (15061) 017: Atlantic (Reissue) SD 33224


      Rock & Roll
      (11000) 018: (Canada) ATCO SD 33-303 (yellow label)
      With a matrix number ending in the numeral "2" and the same as the type "C" version in the USA.


      The Beat Goes On
      (12049) 019: 1970, Germany, HOR ZU Black Label SHZM 902BL
      With an alternative sleeve design featuring the digits: 4-3-2-1 and a simple drawing of what appears to be either an explosive electric charge or a blazing star.

      Near the Beginning
      (12049) 020: 1969, Germany, Atlantic (Yellow Black ATCO type pinwheel label) SD 33-278,
      This German issue has a lighter weight stock cardboard sleeve with same design as the US issue and the letters: "Gemma P. 1969".
      Star Collection - Vanilla Fudge
      (12049) 021: 1972, Germany, MIDI Label # 20033, (Stereo)
      Includes: Need Love; Lord in the Country; I Can't Make It Alone; Street Walking Woman; Shotgun; Some Velvet Morning; Where is Happiness
      Near the Beginning
      (12049) 022: 1974, Germany, MIDI Label #20075
      Reissue of NTB LP
      While the World Was Eating Vanilla Fudge
      (12049) 023: 1975, Germany, Metronome 200108
      Mark Stein and the Pigeons.
      Two Originals of the Vanilla Fudge
      (12049) 024: 1976, Germany, WEA/Atlantic ATS-SP 06951, (Stereo)
      Double LP reissue of VF's TBGO and R&R LP's. The R&R mix is the type "C" or the shorter version of R&R LP,
      (12049) 025: 1984, Germany, ATCO 790149,

      Vanilla Fudge
      (12049) 026: Germany, ATCO AK 2/37
      Double LP reissue with the Vanilla Fudge and Renaissance albums combined.


      Vanilla Fudge
      (12039) 027: 1967, Italy, Atlantic ATL-LP 08012
      The Beat Goes On
      (12039) 028: 1968: Italy, Atlantic ATL-ST 08026
      (12039) 029: 1968: Italy, Atlantic ATS-ST 06009
      Near the Beginning
      (12039) 030: 1969: Italy, ATS-ST 06024
      The Fantastic Vanilla Fudge
      (12039) 031: 1970, Italy, Atlantic ATS-SP 06951, (Stereo)
      This double LP compilation was released only in Italy, to celebrate VF's win at the '69 Venice Festival where they were the first rock band awarded the prestigious Golden Gondola Award. Songs include most of the R&R LP tracks, as well as TBGO, YKMHO, Bang Bang,Fur Elise/Moonlight Sonata Medley, and Some Velvet Morning.


      You Keep Me Hanging On
      (12931) 032: 1989, Duchesse Records DD 152069
      This 1989 Dutch LP is a reissue of VF's first LP with a new title and cover.

    New Zealand:

      The Beat Goes On
      (000000) 033: 1968, Atlantic/Festival Stereo SAL-932,844


      Vanilla Fudge: Me Montienes Colgado
      (12034) 034: 1967, Spain, Atlantic HAT (S) 421-23
      The first VF album subtitled in Spanish as "YKMHO"
      Vanilla Fudge
      (12034) 035: 1969, Spain, Atlantic HAT (S) 421-42
      Self titled compilation album in Spain. Includes: Need Love; Lord in the Country; I Can't Make it Alone; Street Walking Woman; Shotgun; Some Velvet Morning; Where is Happiness.

    United Kingdom:

      Vanilla Fudge
      (12044) 036: 1967, UK, Atlantic 588 086
      This UK LP has a different mix from it's USA counterpart and is noted for it's richer sound and deeper bass levels.
      The Beat Goes On
      (12044) 037: 1968, UK, Atlantic 588 100
      (12044) 038: 1968, UK, Atlantic 588 110
      This UK album also has more bass and a   richer sound in it's mix than the USA ATCO release of the same LP.
      Near the Beginning
      (12044) 039: 1969, UK, Atlantic 228 020
      Rock & Roll
      (12044) 040: 1969, UK, Atlantic 228 029
      Best of Vanilla Fudge
      (12044) 041: 1982, UK, WEA International 90006-1
      (12044) 042: 1984, UK, WEA International 90149-1


      Vanilla Fudge Golden Double Album
      (13081) 043: ND, Japan, Nippon Grammophon MT - 9068/9
      A double LP with bi-lingual lyrics sheet and gate-fold sleeve. The tracks on the first record (MT 9068): 1. You Keep Me Hanging On (6:40) 2. Ticket to Ride (6:00) 3. People Get Ready (6:30) 4. Season of the Witch (8:50) 5. Paradise (5:57) 6. Thoughts (3:28).The tracks on the second record (MT 9069): 7. Shotgun (6:09) 8. Sketch (2:57) 9. Fur Elise & Moonlight Sonata (6:30) 10. I Can't Make It Alone (4:46) 11. Need Love (4:58) 12. The Windmills of Your Mind (6:24) 13. Some Velvet Morning (7:34).

      Vanilla Fudge
      (03081) 044: (70's reissue of first LP), Atlantic #P-4534A
       (Manufactured by Warner-Pioneer Corp. of Japan).


      Near the Beginning
      (13082) 045: No Date, Korea, Sam Wha Label L172
      A uni-colored, blue tinted sleeve with changes in lettering designs on the Near The Beginning record sleeve.

    South Vietnam:

      Vanilla Fudge
      (13084) 046: 1967, Republic of South Vietnam, First Record Label FL-1616
      Sleeve is the same as the US issue but with  Vietnamese lettering .

We would like to thank OBW, Phil Ray, Tony Allen, Bob Jaccino, Jonathan Gatarz, Roland Wagner and Craig Hudson for their generous help in compiling this list of Vanilla Fudge LP's. USA chart information courtesy of Bob Jaccino.