Miscellaneous Discography & Products:


      (41000) 001: (CD) Things Go Better With Coke-Sixties Coca-Cola commercials. 1965-69. Contains VF's two coke commercials performing with Jeff Beck on guitar.

      (4100) 002: (CD) Coca-Cola Commercials (Manufactured in South America-Imported US): Contains both Vanilla Fudge coca-cola commercials as in #001 but with a red coca-cola logo design on it's cover.

      (41000) 003: (Video) Braniff, 1969 TV commercial. Features VF entering a plane and saying: if you've got it - flaunt it!


      (41000) 004: (LP), 1982, CBS/Pasha AS1368: The Carmine Appice Story, Ray Manzareck (The Doors) interviews Carmine about his career, including Vanilla Fudge, and plays the YKMHO and TMFALW singles.

      (41000) 005: (Double LP), 14 Mar. 1982, ABC Radio Network/DIR Broadcasting, King Biscuit Flower Hour, An Evening With Carmine Appice and Friends - A Benefit For UNICEF and the Children of the World. This show included the reunion of all 4 original members of Vanilla Fudge, who took the stage and perform YKMHO, TMFALW, and People Get Ready, before the surprised audience in attendance.

      (41000) 006: (LP), 18 Mar. 1991, MJI Broadcasting CC-V1-221, Classic Cuts Radio Show, features Tim Bogert and Mark Stein briefly discussing the YKMHO single.

      (41000) 007: (LP), 17 June 1991, MJI Broadcasting DID-76, Joe Carmine Appice Desert Island Disc Radio Show, Carmine sits in as the guest DJ playing some of his favorite records and discussing them during the breaks.

      (41000) 008: (CD), Unistar Radio Networks, Solid Gold Scrapbooks - Vaults of ATCO Records, features brief interview with Mark Stein before playing YKMHO.

      (41000) 009: (LP) Unistar Solid Gold Scrapbook Series: Producer Salute: George Shadow Morton14 Nov. 1989, Includes YKMHO and interview with Mark Stein.


      VF "8-Track Tapes" released in USA:

        (41000) 010: Wand TWDS-687, (8 Track Tape) While the World Was Eating Vanilla Fudge

        (4100) 011: ATCO 8224, (8 Track Tape) Vanilla Fudge

        (41000) 012: ATCO ATM-8237, (8 Track Tape) The Beat Goes On.

        (4100) 013: ATCO ATM 8278, (8 Track Tape) Near the Beginning

        (4100) 014: ATCO M8303, (8 Track Tape) Rock & Roll

      VF commercial Cassette Tapes:

        (41000) 015: ATCO ATX 5224 (USA, cassette) Vanilla Fudge.

        (4100) 016: ATCO ATX 4237 (USA four track tape) The Beat Goes On

        (4100) 017: ATCO X 5303 Ampex (USA, cassette) Rock & Roll - type "C" master. Note: the album title in red on the cassette shell.

        (4100) 018: ATCO X5303 - (27AT) Ampex (USA, cassette) Rock & Roll - type "C'. Note: the album title in black on the cassette shell.

        (4100) 019: ATCO 9006-4 (USA, cassette) Best of Vanilla Fudge

        (45061) 020: WEA International 90006-4 (Australia, cassette) Best of Vanilla Fudge

        (45061) 021: WEA International MX 209132 (Australia, cassette) Mystery

        (42031) 022: Duchesse MC 252069 (Netherlands 1989, cassette) You Keep Me Hanging On

       VF Reel-to-Reel Tapes:

        (41000) 023 "Vanilla Fudge" ATCO 01-224 (USA) reel to reel 3 3/4 IPS (GRT Tape) -The order of the songs on this reel to reel tape issue were changed: Side A: Ticket to Ride; People Get Ready; You Keep Me Hanging On; Side B She's Not There; Bang Bang; Illusions of My Childhood; Eleanor Rigby.

        (41000) 024: "The Beat Goes On" ATCO ATX 237 (USA) reel to reel 3 3/4 IPS (Ampex Tape)

        (4100) 025: Renaissance ATCO 01-244 (Germany) reel to reel.

        (41000) 026: "Near The Beginning" ATCO ATX 278 (USA) reel to reel 3 3/4 IPS (Ampex Tape)

        (41000) 027: Rock & Roll, ATCO X303 (USA) reel to reel 3 3/4 IPS (Ampex Tape)

        (42049) 028: Rock & Roll, ATCO 01-244 (Germany) reel to reel tape.

      VF CD ROM:

        (41000) 029: (CD ROM), 1995,RHINO, Rock Expedition: The 60's, features video clip of Vanilla Fudge and a brief interview with Mark Stein.

      VF on Laser Disc:

        (43081) 030: (Laser Disc), The Revolution of Hard Rock, (Japan) Laser Disc Corporation of Japan: S MO 48-3225, features Vanilla Fudge video clip of them performing "Shotgun" on Germany's "Beat Club" television show.


        (41000) 031: (Bootleg CD), ND, Cactus Evil The Third Eye (Plain White label on CD with the words "Cactus" and "Evil"). Tapes possibly of live radio station event of the Bogert & Appice band, Cactus, in New York circa August 1971, with the original lineup (including the late Rusty Day). Songs on the CD: Evil (5:47); Blues Jam (5:39); Sweet Sixteen (5:25); Oleo (13:30); Cross Your Heart (12:47); Brother Bill (5:43); Evil (10:07); Token Child (3:41). The recording's quality is slightly below commercial levels but still very good for a bootleg.


      (41000) 032:The following is an ad hoc list of all the Vanilla Fudge's performances on film or video that we presently know to have at one time existed. Most of them have not yet been commercially manufactured and distributed. For future reference: The Fudge were mostly filmed on various US and European television variety shows between '67-'70. Most of the clips were of their singles, especially YKMHO, TMFALW & Shotgun.

      • Ed Sullivan in '68 & '69 (YKMHO & Shotgun)

      • Beat Club (Germany) in '68 & '69 (perform YKMHO and Shotgun)

      • Wondderama in '68

      • American Bandstand (the Fudge miming to their record with trombones and tubas - date unknown)

      • Dick Cavett Show in '69

      • David Frost in '69 (perform "Need Love")

      • Merv Griffin Show in '68 or '69

      • The Steve Allen Show TV Show '68 or '69 or '70

      • The Donald O'Connor TV Show '68 or '69 or '70

      • The Joey Bishop TV Show '68 or '69 or '70

      • The Mike Douglas TV Show '68 or 69 or '70

      • The '69 Venice Festival, televised in Italy, where the Fudge won the "Golden Gondola Award" for their live performance of "Some Velvet Morning".

      • The Beat Goes On promo video recorded in '68

      • Popcorn - '69 feature length movie produced and directed by Peter Clifton (a few years later he did Led Zeppelin's "Song Remains the Same", film).

      • The Atlantic Records 40th Aniv. perfomance in 1988 in NYC without Vince Martell. (Rehearsal tape, Interview, & Performance unaired by HBO VF rehearse & perform YKMHO & TMFALW).

      • A rare video of the Vanilla Fudge performing "Paradise" that Carmine Appice said was sent to him by a fan in Japan.

We would like to thank OBW, Bob Jaccino, Pete Bremy, Casey Butler, Jonathan Gatarz, Vinnen and Craig Hudson, for their generous help in compiling this list.