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I Finally Meet The Different Drummer:

by Casey Butler

I say "finally" because I've been a big fan of Carmine's for 30 years already! For the past several months I've been working on his Web sites: Power Rock Instructional Music Videos, his Home Page, and the Guitar Zeus Site. I also help out with the Vanilla Fudge Site - it was his work with this band that first made me a fan.

When Carmine visited Las Vegas recently, I got a call from him and we met at the Treasure Island Hotel. His first words to me: "You need a haircut!" We talked for about an hour and he allowed me to take a roll of pictures for us fans and visitors to the Web site. Here they are!

Please enjoy...

Carmine With Me (I'm on the left :-).

Our conversation started out amiably enough, we talked
about the Web sites, about computers, about fans, and about Carmine's upcoming
childrens' book, The Childrens Book Of Rhythm.

Portrait of Carmine at Treasure Island

Between pictures I asked about Guitar Zeus, and he told me about how Guitar Zeus II
is nearing its US release date - and about his coming dates
in the US with the band World Classic Rockers.

Another Portrait

As I took more pictures, he added that he'll be touring Japan in
December to promote Guitar Zeus II.


Then Carmine got quieter... but I kept taking pictures...


Suddenly Carmine got real quiet... but I kept taking.......



"Just Kidding!!!"

Maybe so... but I stopped taking pictures!

Seriously, though, Carmine was a prince and didn't complain about the pictures at all!
. As a legendary and innovative drummer, I don't think there's anyone better.
He certainly gave me a day I'll never forget. Thanks Carmine!

Images & Text Copyright © 1997 by Casey Butler. All Rights Reserved.