Anybody want details on the Vince Martell interview?

Hi Aaron,

I am interested in all of the topics you've listed, but as a musician, I , of course would be more interested in their method of arrangement, who came up with what, etc. Personally, from Vince, I'd be interested in how he came about selecting his almost "far eastern" style that fit so well with Fudge arrangements. What were his inspirations?

Also, how did he maintain his own self-discipline an excellent lead guitarist by not 'taking off' on his own from the Fudge arrangements as so many other lead guitarists do? I have always admired his taste, and his desire to be an integral part of the band, as opposed to being a typical stand out soloist. I'm sure it must have been frustrating since he has the talent to do so! I'll bet he breathed a sigh of relief when someone said "Hey, I've got this great idea, it's called the Break Song!!!"



Sorry it's taken me so long...

Vince Martell has been a professional musician for more than thirty years, and has dealt with the less appetizing aspects of that business on a regular basis. Not surprisingly, he gets pretty worked up discussing what he describes as great injustices done to both artists and audiences by the current music distribution process. He actually is very excited about the opportunities the Internet may offer artists who wish to circumvent the established paths set up for art distribution.

I'm paraphrasing, obviously. I'm still working on transcribing the tapes of the interview, but haven't yet gotten to the section I refer to above. The exact quotes should be available in the next week or so.

No information on the the "Pass the Buck" album with Crystal Roxx. Vince didn't mention anything about it.

Hi Aaron,

Thanks so much and take all the time you need on that interview. I have never seen any serious interviews of Vince before, and I'm sure your interview will be appreciated by all his fans for a long time to come. All the best, Bill.