The Living Vanilla Fudge

Hi Casey,

Re: Your "Thoughts" column of 2 May.

Thank you for speaking with such eloquence on behalf of fans like myself. Vanilla Fudge is not about nostalgia!!! It's about a 20 foot, waxy leafed, Cacao tree. It's about the creeping Vanilla Orchid with it's 6 to 9 inch pods, wrapped all around that tree... It's about primal life in ... Sorta like in the movie Carmine Appice played Vinny Apache (Black Roses-1988). It was about how mutants were created by music (heh-heh!). Only the Fudge's music creates peace, love and goodness in a dark & dying world (weary smile). God bless and keep on rockin'!

Bill o'the Wisp! :-)

Thanks, Bill... it just kind of spilled out though.

Nice message!


Hi Casey,

Re: " it just kind of spilled out though. "

The good things always do! You and Peter were really plugged into some inspirational circuitry when you guys composed your last messages. :-)

BTW: I 've been listening to a new cd: 'The Best of the Shangri-las" on Mercury (Mercury cd 314 532 371-2). Some really wonderful stuff by the group and Shadow Morton even though it was poorly remastered for cd. I'd never really listened to their records much ( before my time) but recent research about the Fudge, & Shadow Morton, and Martell's own interview, revealing how the Pigeons used to back all those Girl Groups at the Choo-Choo Club, got me curious enough to check out the Shangri-las. Some really great stuff there!

Listen to Shadow's poem on Season of the Witch and then the Hurlitz song he produced for the Shangrilas: "I'll Never Learn". Listen to the Fudge's "Moonlight Sonata" on TBGO and compare what Shadow did with it on the Shangri-las single: "Past Present & Future". And the single "Remember (Walkin in the Sand)" by the Shangri'las is simply amazing stuff all by itself. BTW-I hate to admit it, but some of the stuff Brian Wilson used on Pet Sounds was lifted wholly from the singles catalog of the Shangri-las. :-(

If nothing else the CD has some great liner notes by Don Charles and a photo of the Shangri-las in shiny black jumpsuits. I never met any woman who didn't look good in shiny black anything (g)! Sandra Bernhardt should get the surviving members of the Shangri-las onto her "Reel Wild Cinema" tv show. All these switchblade ballads and teens gone wrong songs would be right at home on the USA Network's TV show! (bg). Even the Fudge could go on, playing Cactus' "Oleo" and Boomerang's "Cynthia Fever" then they could teach Sandra how to do the "Mud Shark" as Vince played a Hendrix type guitar solo of "Over the Rainbow".

Wistfully, Bill