Kentucky Fried Chicken


Hey Gang,

Just watched Dick Clark's "It Takes Two" Gameshow on the Family channel. Todays show had Carmine Appice doing a couple of drum solos while the contestents guessed how many times he hit the drums.

The color of Carmine's drum kit was really cool. The two bass drums were solid white and the toms were all solid back - basic Vanilla Fudge motiff if ever I saw one.

The show was pretty trippy. Besides Carmine they had this Lady from Kentucky Fried Chicken. They had her prepare the classic two piece fried chicken dinner availible at any KFC stand. The game was for the married couples to guess how many two piece meals the KFC Lady could prepare in 12 minutes (between Carmine's drum solos). For those of you who may not know, the Lady prepared 38 two piece KFC meals in twelve minutes.

The grand round of the gameshow was for the champions to guess how many drumsticks Carmine (get it? Drumsticks _ Fried Chicken - o well...)went through in a year. An all expenses paid trip to Aspen was on the line for that question and the married couple blew it. In fact Carmine said he goes through 600 drumsticks a year.

Anyways, that's how this viewer saw it... The black and white drums were great. Carmine was great. The Kentucky Fried Chicken Lady was great but nobody's going to Aspen this week! Peace, Bill