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Buccaneer Records of Baltimore advertized the following cd's in todays issue of Goldmine Mag:

1. Carmine Appice's Guitar Zeus (1995, German cd) for 23.98.

2. Mother's Army, "Planet Earth" cd (Japan) featuring Carmine Appice, Joe Lynn Turner and Bob Daisley for 29.98

They also said that Cactus' "Hot 'N Sweaty" cd would be availible soon

IF any of you are into Black Sabbath, Bill Ward Sabbath's Drummer) has a new solo cd out called "When the Bough Breaks"

You can order from Buccaneer with a credit card at 410-931-9380.

CD Now has Guitar Zeus availible on import (prob. Japan) for 33.86.

Mark Stein's recordings with Dave Mason are not availible on CD in the US. You may be able to find them at used record stores. He was on Dave Mason's "Mariposa de Oro" and "Old Crest on a New Wave". The latter LP was dedicated to "Irving Stein"-one of Mark's relatives (possibly Father?). Old Crest on a New Wave also has 4 or 5 of Mark's own songs (see the music section of this forum for lyrics on two of them). Photo's of the LP's are availible at Dave Mason's Homepage:

Note "Old Crest of a New Wave" has a GREY background - not green - as it appeared on my screen when I visited Mason's page.

Tim Bogert's 2 solo LP's and his recordings with Marcus, Ben Schultz and Pipedream are also unavailible in the US except in used LP's and cd (ie Ben Schultz Bands "Triality"). Pipedream is a very rare and valuable collectable so if you stumble across it I recommend you buy it.

My recent attempts to secure a copy of "Two Originals" Atlantic double LP of Cream's "Goodbye" and Vanilla Fudge's "Near the Begining" LP failed.

New research (AMG) informs us that ATCO also released a double LP in 1969 containing Cream's "Goodbye" album with Vanilla Fudge's "Rock & Roll".

Fudge cd's: CD Now (online) presently has imports of Beat Goes ON,Near the Begining and Rock & Roll.

Calalbums, also online, runs auctions where most of the rare Fudge vinyl is availible (ie Boomerang, WHile the Whole WOrld was Eating, Bogert's and Appice's solo LP's etc.).

Yodelin Pig cd's of Maryland (410-654-0516) has all of the Fudge import cd's according to their most recent ad in Goldmine magazine. They also have the first and third Cactus LP's on euro cd's as well as the Baker Gurvitz Army's "Elysian Encounters", one of Ginger Baker's best post Cream albums.

Naturally, I or this site can't vouch for any of these businesses so use them at your own risk.

**Naturally, I or this site can't vouch for any of these businesses so use them at your own risk.**

While Bill's right, the site does not endorse any business, I have personally used CDNow and received my orders promptly, correctly, and in good condition. CDNow is listed in PC Magazine's(a leading computer magazine) Top 100 Web Sites.