Let the band know we want it !


"The Hard Rock Hotel"? Well, it's bad enough that we have "Hard Rock Cafes", but a "Hard Rock Hotel" really sounds strange to me. Like, you check in your room and instead of orange juice you get a shower of rock music or a bowl of Vanilla Fudge.

But besides this minor obstacle, I sure would like to see them coming *down under* and, even more so, to listen to some new music of them. And if it's only to demonstrate that BOFs aren't boring as so much we're currently hearing on the radio. Yeah, guys, get it together again - but very slowly of course.


Yep, it's the Hard Rock Hotel, right next to the Hard Rock Cafe here - with a huge Strat out front.

It's also a Casino and they've got lots of memorabelia like Rock star clothes and instruments... I always thought a Rock museum to kind of oxymoronic, but they've got the stuff!

The Fudge would bring down the walls!


I'd love to see a UK show as well (I know, I missed my shot in '67...)

But I would hope that everybody understands the problems & pitfalls of this type of reunion thing. Bearing in mind the immense cost and aggravation of organising rock shows these days, who would be the main audience? Would it be aimed at the original audience, now older, and in many cases no longer interested in music. Or would it be aimed at a new audience. If so, would the music be the old-style Fudge, which may or may not appeal to a younger audience, or would it be the MTV-friendly Fudge of "Mystery", which may possibly get a bigger audience, but which some might say would miss the point of the V.F. sound.

Get this sort of thing wrong, and it can cost a LOT of money...

Also, I would advise anybody to moderate any expectations. Remember, one of the reasons the Fudge were so good was that they were a constantly gigging band - well before the first LP. It's no coincidence that bands like the Fudge - or indeed the Beatles (who were at times doing three live shows a day in '62) were so damned good. The excellence came from ruinous hard live graft. As the (remaining) Beatles recently found, - sometimes you can't just get back into rehearsals for a few weeks and quickly recapture that sort of thing.

The UK is a graveyard for 60's reunion tours - many of which are bitter disappointments for all concerned. Look at the current travesty of the YARDBIRDS which are presently doing the rounds...

So my message to the band would be don't do it unless you are all 100% committed to this thing, and that all four original members take part. If it's not there in rehearsals, then let it be - everybody would understand that. If you can still go out there and KILL them, then do it!....

Phil Rae