Carmine's thoughts on Vanilla Fudge 1989


Following are some brief excerpts from a longer article about Carmine Appice in Bob Cianci's book, "Great Rock Drummers of the Sixties" (Third Earth/Hal Leonard Publishing, 1989. The article quotes an interview Carmine gave to the "Musician's Industry" magazine in 1988-89:

Carmine said:

"I attribute all my success to the Vanilla Fudge. If they hadn't made it, I probably wouldn't be here now. We were different, we had good singing, good vocals, a great vibe in the band and we were really good at arranging and that's what made us happen."

"If I had the head on my shoulders now back in the old Vanilla Fudge days, we'd all be together. WE got bored and broke it up. What we should have done is kept the group together but done solo things...and keep everything loose. When we broke up, we threw away a million dollars worth of gigs."

Note the article also said something I hadn't seen before: "The Fudge's first album, Vanilla Fudge, released in 1967, was the *first* LP to break into the national top ten without the benefit of a top ten single (ie YKMHO didn't hit #6 until reissued by ATCO in 1968). On its second week on the Billboard charts, it jumped an amazing 167 points and eventually settled in the top 5."

I found Bob Cianci's book at Borders Books and highly recommend it to fans of Carmine, Vanilla Fudge or Rock drumming in general. It has a lot of biographical and technical data on Carmine Appice. One other note: it said Carmine was planning a book of "Rock & Roll Road Storys" - let's keep our fingers crossed!