Shawn Perry


Dear Shawn,

Thanks for the wonderful story and photo's from Madison Square Gardens! Great stuff!

THe first and only time I heard of Danger Zone was on the soundtrack for the film, "Rear Window". The band played a version of "You Keep Me Hangin On" during one of the many bar scenes. I thought it was the Vanilla Fudge because I recognized Mark Stein's voice but the credits on the movie said it was "Mark Stein and Danger Zone"!

I've looked all over for a cd or LP of that movie's soundtrack and could never turn one up. I also looked around for any records by Danger Zone but couldn't turn those up either.

Like you, I think Mark Stein is one of the finest singers that ever recorded in rock. Nobody can sing a ballad like Mark Stein!

When I saw the Fudge during their 1987 tour in San Carlos, California, instead of Lanny they had Paul Hanson, one of Tim Bogert's associates and former students at the Musician's Institute. He was another fine guitar player.

Once again, thanks for the great story, background on Lanny and Danger Zone and all those great photos! Peace, Bill