Let's talk about what really counts!


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Let's talk about what really counts, the music! Post your opinions, thoughts and questions about the music, the albums, the words, whatever!


Vanilla Fudge was probably one of the slowest bands the world has ever seen. As Vinnie Martell said in Butler's interview, they slowed down "You keep me hanging on". They actually did it with everything they played. Even the rockers like "Need love" were slow rockers. That's an aspect of their music I liked instantly. To slow down music gives the music a very strong atmosphere, causing chicken skin if you like. While listening you know it should go faster but these guys simply hold back. There's only one band other than Vanilla Fudge which is able to play THAT slow - and that's of course Neil Young & Crazy Horse. Though both bands play completely different types of music, I wander whether Neil Young & Crayz Horse like Vanilla Fudge and vice versa. Vince, do you have any comments on this observation?


Hi Pete!

I saw the Bogert page! THANK YOU! (I knew you could do it :-)

Your analysis of Tim Bogerts musical skill's and achievements are the most accurate I've ever read concerning the man. Outstanding!