You're a Friend of Mine


Your're a Friend of Mine

by Mark Stein

(recorded on Dave Mason's, "Old Crest of a New Wave" LP)

You know I've been in trouble many times before
Every time I needed you you were at my door
Offering me help when I needed you most
You're a wonderful friend and to you I toast!
Ohh don't you know I love you?
Oh don't you know I need you?

You know the world around us can be so cold
People everywhere are being bought and sold
Friends like you are gettin' so hard to find
I just want to shake your hand, if you don't mind

Oh you gave me the peace of mind
I was tryin' so hard to find
When all the others turned me down
You came and turned my life around

Now we share such a special thing
Only love and respect can bring
I'm so glad that we made it through
I'll never find another friend like you

You're a friend of mine...
Don't you know I love you?
Don't you know I need you?
You're a friend of mine.