Members' Discussion Room and Conference


Hi Everyone!

Bill Bates had an excellent suggestion. We have quite a few members now, and we have a lot of cool threads about the Fudge, so far, our only common link. We must all have other common interests, and there are other subjects we could talk about that could bind us in our reunion quest.

So, I've created Plain Vanilla for all of us to chat about anything we want. We have people from all over the world here, and the topics could be endless, such as Bill suggested, other music, poetry, among others. Our foreign(hmm, foreign doesn't seem right anymore does it) vistors... scratch that. We could all enlighten each other on culture to bring us all closer together; even closer than the internet makes us.

Start a thread here in this conference on anything you like. Let's just follow the forum rules and keep it clean and respectful, although I wouldn't mind seeing a little disagreement once in a while! It's healthy!