Guitar Zeus II

Thoughtscape Sounds of 115th N. 10th St., #3A, Ft. Smith, ARkansas,72901, (Order line 1-800-435-6165 or Website )has listed Carmine Appice's Guitar Zeus II cd in it's prerelease section of their ad in Goldmine magazine. They say the Japanese version of that cd will be availible by the end of September and they are already taking prerelease orders for it. The Japanese cd lists for US$30.99. You can visit Carmine's website by clicking on his picture link on the VF's contents page. Carmine has a whole page on the making of the new Guitar Zeus album.

Please note: Carmine has listed our own Casey Butler and this web site in the list of credits on his new album.


Hi Fudge fans!

I just thought I'd let anyone who is wondering know that the Japanese version of Guitar Zeus II is out there and available. I got my copy today and it's great. There was a delay in the release and also in "Goldmine" magazine issue #452 pg. 9 this dealer still has it listed but also has a statement "[Japan export banned call for availability]" This made me a little doubtful as to wether I'd be able to get the Japanese version but it arrived today. Fudge fans, don't miss this one!

Fudge Fan Forever, Stan


Hi Stan,

Thanks for the update on GZII's availibility!

Peace, Bill


That's really cool, Stan! I've not heard it yet, but when I was doing Carmine's interview he let me call while a guitarist was laying down one of the tracks. I don't remember which guitarist, but I'll remember the song.

Work is underway on the Stan Vaughn Gallery wing, BTW, though most of my time is getting spent on the Guitar Zeus Site right now. Mixed in with the real work I still do, there's just not enough time in the day!

Thanks for all your help...



I haven't had a chance to listen to the complete cd yet but I've heard the first 6 tracks. Would you believe GZII samples VANILLA FUDGE? It's true. Remember on Near The Beginning as "Some Velvet Morning" ends and "Where Is Happiness" begins there is a sort of crashing sound and what sounds like someone dragging something across piano strings or wire or whatever you call them. Well, between tracks 3 & 4 [the same as on NTB] on GZII it can be heard again! Everything I've heard so far is great. Of course, I'm a little partial.

Fudge Fan Forever, Stan