I'm back...

Hi Everybody,

I'm back, sorry I haven't been here in a week or so. As Bill stated, I've been quite busy! I was lucky enough to attend a couple of Vince's gigs last week, and also a session at the studio where he is recording his new CD. I'm just finishing up a page with some photos now, which should be up in a few days when Casey links it. Casey is quite ill with the flu right now and I think he'd apreciate some "Casey Get Well" letters!

At Vince's gig, I was lucky enough to be called up to sing backup on You Keep Me Hangin'On with him! What a thrill! You can't begin to guess what an adrenalin rush is, until you look to your side and see that you're sharing a microphone with Vince Martell singing "The Classic" together! I will never forget it! Well, I don't want to give it all away, and there are some other possible things in the works, so stay tuned...

Please bear with me?! And thanks, Bill, for picking up my slack!