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Hi Everyone,

In the October catalog of

Collectors Choise Music P.O. Box 838 Itasca, Il., USA 60143-0838 Phone Orders: 1-800-923-1122

A new Fudge release was announced and availible for purchse. The bargain cd is titled:

VANILLA FUDGE & IRON BUTTERFLY: HITS Catalog number: BQFLB28022 CD US$8.95 Catalog number: BQFLB28024 Cassette US$4.95

ALso, good news: The Coke commercial cd featuring the Fudge's 2 60's coke commercials with Jeff BEck is back in print and availible from the same place:


This is the first catalog I've ever received from this company but it's a very impressive selection of rare recordings from all genres. Well worth the read for anyone looking for obscure reissues and recordings still in print.

Carmine Appice's Guitar Zeus II cd (Japanese) was released 15 October.

US vendors presently offering it for sale as an import cd in the USA (Goldmine ads, 7 Nov. issue):

Terrible Ted's Import Music of Centerline, MI Phone: (810)757-3210.

JART Music of Wingdale, NY Phone: (914)832-3669 To receive their weekly NEW RELEASE e-mail write:;

AS usual, for legal reasons, we cannot endorse any of these businesses.

BTW- I fianlly received the 7" Japanese EP of VF's "YKMHO/TMFALW/Season of the Witch 1&2 I had bid on last August. The picture sleeve uses the standard photo of the band we see on the Psych. Sundae CD and the Australian EP's in our discography. The only interesting thing is that it's sort of neat to see how Vanilla Fudge is spelled in Japanese and I'll send it off to Casey for all of you to see.

BTW- we've got some killer additions to our discography courtesy of Stan Vaughn and Jonathan Gatarz which Casey will be adding to the discography pages as soon as he can. Stan and Jonathan have provided us scans of the Italian singles picture sleeves and Jonothan a scan of VF's Korean version of "Near the Begining". So keep your eyes peeled!



Hi Bill,

I just got the Japanese ep you describe yesterday [11/01] and I immediately scanned it and sent it off to Casey. Even though I had read your message here I totally forgot you mentioned it. As for the Collector's Choice catalogue, I've been getting it for several years now and have ordered a few things over the years. They are a fine operation and provide great service. There is also a Collector's Choice video catalogue and both catalogues have a search service for music and videos at a 900 number or an e-mail address. I have used the video search to get several hard to find videos. Collector's Choice Music has a new web site at

Fudge Fan Forever, Stan


Hi Stan,

I'm really looking forward to seeing your EP & photo collections in the site pages. The news about the sound clip of the Fudge's concert you taped also sounds like a killer! Great stuff, Stan! Keep up the good work! :-)

PEace, Bill


Hi All....


Bob Irwin of Sundazed records (certainly the best of the US based 60s re-issue labels) has licenced the the Vanilla Fudge back catalog from Bill Inglot of Rhino records. Expect well packaged re-issues with hopefully lots of unissued material in 1998.

Check out the report at SUNDAZED

I have emailed Sundazed with my wish-list and pointing out the need for an 'A' version 'Rock & Roll' (or preferably both versions on the same CD) and the full concert from which 'Break Song' was taken.

They also reported that they were going to re-issue the original Young Rascals LPs. These were certainly the strongest influence on the Fudge in 1966-67 and would be great to see again. However...the plans were stonkered when an obscure clause in the Rascal's Atlantic contract prevented the re-issue of the LPs with additional material without issuing in Japan first! The lawyers are working on it...


Hi Tony,

Very many thanks for the heads up on the Sundazed news!

I heartily agree about the "A" version of ROck & Roll after hearing Casey's versionn of it.

One of the early Fudge tracks never released which I'd love to hear was their "long" version of Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone"! I also would like to see the release of the Fudge's last concert at Eureka, California in 1983 (they reunited for the Mystery LP). Carmine has the tapes. The concert included all 4 of the opriginal members including Vince Martell. I'd also like to see the Mystery and Pigeon's LP's relelased on cd as well.

Now I gotta go and check out the Sundazed site!:-)

Peace, Bill


Mystery! Of course... A great idea, Bill. Everybody should suggest a Mystery CD! I don't know if Atlantic had the rights to the Pigeons recording though...



Hi Casey,

Another "fantasy": although Atlantic/Rhino don't own the rights to it. How about Mark Stein's solo LP, produced by Dave Mason? Perhaps a reissue of the Boomerang LP on CD?

How about the entire live concert recorded in '68 at the Shriners AUditorium from which the "edited" Break Song came and appeared on their '69 NTB LP?

Not to mention Carmine and Tim's solo LP's and VInce's '84 single, all of which never made it onto CD... (just dreamin'.... vbg)

PEace, Bill


Thanks for posting that, Tony! Great news!



Hi Tony! What great news. You know I just visited their[Sundazed] web site yesterday,Sun. 11/16, and I didn't see this. I did read the part about the Rascals being held up but I must have missed the Fudge news. I'll check it out. I also feel as you do about the quality and content of Sundazed reissues. If they're not the best in the US they are right at the top. I will also be e-mailing them with my wish list which sounds very similar to yours. The more they hear it , the better chance we have of finally having our Vanilla Fudge reissues fantasies come true. I would recommend anyone who reads this to visit the Sundazed records web site and e-mail them. Let them know there are Fudge fans out here who want the Fudge reissued! Fudge Fan Forever, Stan


To Stan and especially Tony,

You have made my year! I have already written to Sundazed and they confirm everything. The band members knew nothing of this. I jumped on the phone to Tim Bogert and told Christine. She's thrilled and knows Tim will be too. Casey will be backstage with Carmine in concert tomorrow night, so he can let Carmine know. I will see Vince tonight by coincidence and will tell him. I've talked to him a lot lately and if he knew, he would have told us for sure. I'm positive he'll be thrilled! I believe Casey is still sleeping but after this letter I'm going to wake him up! I'm going to let Bill Bates know too! This is amazing. I've assured Sundazed that if everything is in order, we'll try to get together on promoting the CDs.

Thanks a million for the news!!!!

Vanilla Fudge lives!



I got e-mail from Bob Irwin [Sundazed Records] today. He thanked me for my intrest and sussestions. He also mentioned some of the material they've come across but he is still asking for input. I'm sending him a cassette tape of the A & B versions of "Rock & Roll". COME ON GUYS! This is our chance and we can't afford to let it slip away. E-mail Sundazed with any suggestions and all the info you can. They seem very willing to listen. I hope everyone else is as excited about this as I am. I would just like to state again that we couldn't have hoped for a better label to do these reissues. Sundazed does a great job on their reissues.

Fudge Fan Forever, Stan


I just thought I'd better correct something in the previous message. There is no known "B" version of "Rock & Roll". It should read A & C. I guess I'm still worked up about the reissue news.

Fudge Fan Forever, Stan


"I guess I'm still worked up about the reissue news."

It's fantastic! Especially since they're asking for input from fans as to what they'd like to hear... It's been quite a day!

Tomorrow Carmine is coming to town for a show with World Classic Rockers too! He also invited me to the sound check in the afternoon. I've got a bad head cold, unfortunately, but even if it was pnemonia...

The Fudge - they do live!



Hi Stan, Bill, Pete and Casey...

it's like I've set a bushfire here. Both Sundazed and Fudge sites have lit up with the news. I got a response from Bob Irwin of Sundazed (copied on to Stan), and it looks like we might get a chance to get the Fudge LPs we have always fantasized about...if they can find the tapes. I looks like they have started to look through the archives to see what master tapes they can find. So far thay havn't found the 'A' version of Rock & Roll. If it has gone missing from New York we should encourage them to look for Sub-Masters distributed to other countries. I beleive that the version issued in Australia through Festival records was only ever the 'A' version..they might still have the masters!

They have found SOME of the remaining Filmore concert tapes which they havn't had a chance to listen to yet. But not much other unreleased material so far.

Now is the time to get the group involved so that they can help locate whatever unreleased material there might be.

Pete and Casey..maybe we could start compiling a list of the unreleased tracks mentioned in their interviews...and just maybe this news might bring Mark Stein out of hibernation.

Of all the labels to get control of the Fudge catalog this is THE one. In the past they have managed to track down the master tapes to some of the most obscure 60s music ever released (or not released). They will usually add every alternate version or work in progress that is listenable. In the case of the Knickerbockers (if you haven't heard of yourself a favour and have a listen) they even released incomplete backing tracks.

The Sundazed Website has been updated today indicating that they have been overwhelmed with interest from (us) Fudge fans...let's keep the ball rolling.

The Beat Goes On...

Tony Allen


Hi Tony,

Following your suggestion I found some other material you can send to Sundazed:

Carmine estimated there are at least 4-6 more Fudge songs "in the can". Besides "Like a Rolling Stone" (Carmine said the Fudge version was ten minutes long with a killer intro) and "You Can't Do That", Carmine also mentioned by name, Fudge recordings of "Take What You Want" and "One More Heart Ache".

Shadow Morton would probably know as much as anyone about whatever material was recorded for the first 3 Fudge LP's and hopefully Sundazed will contact him about it.

As far as I know, no one has mentioned any unreleased material from 1984's Mystery LP sessions, but I believe Vince Martell's single of 'Cause I Love You" and "Ladder of Life" (recorded near the same time) would make some really nice bonus tracks for that album. I'm sure Vince owns the rights to those recordings as he released them on his own record label.

Peace, Bill


Hi Tony,

Wonderful suggestions!

In the forum archives there's a thread "Unreleased Material" Phil started and we tried discussing some of that back then. Vince mentioned he has recordings of Vanilla Fudge versions of "Like a Rolling Stone" and the Beatles "You Can't Do That". Carmine has mentioned that the whole concert at the Shriners Auditorium from which the Break Song was recorded is somewhere on tape and that in fact the Break Song on NTB was edited - shortened to fit onto the old ATCO LP.

ANother thing Phil brought up earlier this year is that the Fudge recordings were never properly remastered for digital format. Phil was especially disapointed with the Repertoire CD remastering jobs. Now would be a good time for Sundazed to take a shot at it, possibly with some help from the band.

I also know that the 1987 Fudge concerts were recorded although never released on a commercial release. Of course, VInce Martell wasn't on that tour, hence, why I' like to see Carmine's tapes of the Eureka concert with all the band members, considdered by Sundaze. That and the King Biscuit Flower Hour performance were the last live performances of the entire band.


Peace, Bill