FLASH! And then there were four...

I hope everybody saw the home page message about MARK STEIN being on-line and emailing the site!! Is this terrific or WHAT? It caused some excitement around the house here, let me tell you!

Has anyone heard anymore from Sundazed at all? Nobody ever answered my email I sent them. I know Pete talked to somebody over the phone as the official site rep, but I'm wondering if anyone else has heard anything...

Mark Stein! :-)



When Casey's email came to me titled "Pete! Sit Down!", I just sat back in my chair and smiled. I knew right then and there.

For the fourth and last time, I feel again like a star-struck kid. This is a kid's dream come true. I was fifteen when I first heard Hangin'On. When I listen to The Music, it once again has new meaning. I hope Mark understands my starry eyes, not that hearing from Carmine, Vince and Tim are any less important, they are all irreplaceable. That goes without saying. Now, though, whatever happens, the band is totally reunited in one way at least.

Now that Mark at last is here, I can rest assured that at least all the Fudge themselves have faith and belief in what they accomplished. It gives me faith in myself too, that for thirty years I have believed in something that is very real. I would have been heartbroken beyond belief if I could never have been reassured that they all believed in their own music. Without all four here, I admit I was beginning to have doubts, but I kept the faith.

Even if they never reunite musically, being a musician I can understand how things change, knowing that my faith in The Music has not been in vain, will keep me happy. It hasn't been just "music" for me. It's been a way of life. No, I don't live alone in an attic apartment wallpapered with Fudge photos. I have a life of my own. It's just that the music of Vanilla Fudge has always been there. Whether I warm up at a gig noodling on Tim's Break Song solo, or beat the he-- out of my drums to Shotgun at home when I'm in a bad mood(sorry, Carmine, it's great therapy!), or playing my B3 when I'm in a great mood, The Music has just, well it's just been the best. Jamming with and getting to know Vince? I still pinch myself from time to time. He must think I'm nuts, but being the true gentleman he is, he doesn't show it. (Afterthought - Nuts? Kind of appropriate though, isn't it?):-) Now that they're all here- this has been my personal goal for this site. Whatever else happens will be syrup on the Sundae. Let's pray for a super 1998, and for whatever may be in the cards. Happy Birthday Vanilla Fudge Web Home, and...

Thank you, Mark. Thanks, Tim. Thanks, Carmine. Rock & Roll, Vince!

Vanilla Fudge, the greatest Rock & Roll band ever, lives.



Is there a possibility that the Vanilla Fudge reunites? MAURO SILLA Aurisina - (Trieste)- ITALY


Yes there is a possibilty of that happening :) Let Pete tell you he Tells this wonderful story better than i . Tom


Mauro wrote:"Is there a possibility that the Vanilla Fudge reunites? MAURO SILLA Aurisina - (Trieste)- ITALY:

Hello Mauro,

We do not know if they will reunite. We are very happy that Mark Stein has come to the site. He sent a letter to Casey on Christmas Eve. He has told us he will give us things for his page and for the Vanilla Fudge page. He complimented the page as being a "real class job" which of course, thrilled us. At this time, that is all we know.

I know everybody is excited as we are about this and everyone has a thousand questions. We think it is best now to only welcome him, and welcome what he is willing to offer. We would like to give him the chance to get to know us first.

Please excuse me for writing with simple words. I see there are a few other friends from other countries so I wish to make my letter as easy to read as possible.



Casey, I sent an e-mail Dec. 16th containing my list of possible reissues and their contents. I have not heard from anyone. In Nov. I mailed Bob Irwin a cassette tape containing both versions of "Rock & Roll". To date I haven't heard anything from them. I guess I didn't really expect to hear anything except maybe a line stating that they got everything. Maybe they're busy searching the vaults for those nuggets we're all hoping really exist.

Fudge Fan Forever, Stan