Where's the right organ

IN THE SUMMER OF 69 {IBELIEVE} I SAW VANILLA FUDGE FOR THE 3RD OF 5 TIMES. Now bear with me .... I think it was in wisc. or ind. Vanilla Fudge was playing at a place that looked to me like a big pavillion. Well any way the group walked around just like us civilions before the show and i had the pleasure to talk to Carmine i was 19 years old . I asked what turned out to be a stupid question. I asked Yo Carmine I bet you Get all the Chicks you Can Handle and as soon as i asked him that it was like wtf? why oh why did i ask that . But He was a gentleman about it and with a wink he said ....Bojo it's a tough life man .Why he called me Bojo I'll never Know. Needless to say "what a thrill". At the same concert Mark {i think} didnt like the organ he had on stage or maybe it was broke .So they sent out for another one it took at least an hour maybe longer when finnally it arrived . Everybody from the back of the crowd to the front, lifted this big Organ and passed it from one to another untill it got to the stage . When it finally sat there on stage ..... needless to say it was Fudge time a great time & one i shall never forget . Tom


I had another experiance in the summer of 74 75 when Beck Bogaert & APPice Played at the old International Amp.In Chicago. The Concet had a buddie of Ours That was going to get us in for free :) {Sorry Guy's} He Arranged for us to meet at a certain door .... Well while we were waiting For Our Bud to open this door Out Pops Tim & Carmine with 2 other People Who i Didnt reconize .Well I said '"Yo Tim Carmine" Well there responce was "Yo" "Hay" They {Needless to say} were preoccupied Still Acknowledged Me Though And that was enough . On that bill was a group called "Wet Willy" And a guy named {Please im a terrible speller} Rory Gallagher. BBA were the final act and i thought listening to the 2 other shows preceeding that i might be dissapointed by the time bba got on ... Well you know why dont you ?..... The 2shows before were Great man!!! . But Jeff Beck Did is Opening Rif in the begining of supersticion & Tim & Carmine Followed with there wicked bass & drums and i knew from that point i was in for a treat!! :-).The night especially bba was a rockin great Night. Tom ... Ps how does one spell supersttion? lol ;-) I should have look it up in the Dictionary :)


Hi Tom,

Thanks for all these wonderful stories! We love 'em!:)

We don't believe in any hive mental comformity around here so please don't worry about the spelling. None of us do!

I was always a big Rory Gallagher fan and it was a great loss to R&R when the man died back in 1995. To have seen him on the same bill with BBA would have been a wonderful concert to experience! I didn't know they had shared a bill together.

BTW- have you ever heard BBA's Live LP from Japan? I was wondering how you would compare the concert you were at with the performance on that LP.

Peace, Bill


HiYa Bill ...No i dont ...Nor did i realize that a live bba was out ... is it on CD? & Where can i purchase this? I would be glad to compare :) As Always ..Tom


Hi Tom,

The BBA Live LP was released in Japan on the Epic/Sony label, #40-3P-55-6 in 1978. It was a double LP and was later reissued by the Japanese as a double CD on the same label. Like all Japanese records, they were pretty expensive (ie the CD I've seen for sale for $70.00). They are presently out of print but you could are frequently advertized for sale in Goldmine Mag. or used online record/cd retailers.

I have the double LP and it rocks a lot harder than their studio LP did but Jeff Beck was a bit subdued in his performance on it.

BTW- Pete Bremy has the album listed in Tim Bogert's discography over on Tim's web page. Pete also lists some of BBA's other rare and foreign releases and singles if you're intersted.

I'll keep your address on file and if I run across an ad for the BBA Live LP or CD in the next couple of months I'll notify you of it by E mail.

Peace, Bill


Great story, Tom! Posting it here is fine! Regarding the group walking around like civilians, I had a similar experience in Denver. They all walked through the front door of the arena right past me. I think I was the only one nearby who recognized them - and I was struck speechless! At least you talked, eh?



Yep i did allthough i think i could have come up with a better question Well we live & learn casey :) Tom


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