Let Us Remain Outside Their Categories

"Collective life is often organized on the basis of cunning, doubt and guilt. True solidarity is destroyed by the political art of pitting one man against another and the commercial art of estimating all men at a price. On these illusory measurements men build a world of arbitrary values without life and meaning, full of sterile agitation... Divided and set up against one another for the purpose of evaluation, men immediately acquire the mentality of objects for sale in a slave market. They despair of themselves because they have been unfaithful to life and to being, and they no longer find anyone to forgive the infidelity.

"If we are to remain united against these falsehoods, against all power that poisons man, and subjects him to the mystifications of bureaucracy, commerce and the police state, we must refuse the price tag...We must not merely be for something and against something else, even if we are for "ourselves" and against "them". Who are "they"? Let us not give them support by becoming an "opposition" which assumes they are definitively real.

"Let us remain outside "their" catagories..."

["Message to Poets" from "Raids on the Unspeakable" by Thomas Merton, New Directions, 1964]


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