Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! May you and yours be blessed with every peace and joy this happy day. For all we have received in the past year let us be truly thankful.

Peace, Bill


Thanks Bill,

I would like to wish you and yours a happy holiday season as well as all the others who frequent this site. There is nothing better than good health, good friends, and the freedom to enjoy and celebrate the upcoming holidays as we so desire.

Fudge Fan Forever,Stan


Hi Stan,

My Chow Chows reminded me to wish your Bassett Hounds a belated happy holiday too! (vbg) Woof!

PEace, BIll


Hi All,

I haven't been a very good host lately. I apologize. I've been caught up in moving my Dad out of my boyhood home to his new apartment. He's 82 years old and really needs my help. I'm finished with that now so I should be back in full swing, well almost...

The good news is, I've been very busy scanning in a package of 48, yes 48, photos from the library of Mr. Bass himself! Yep, Tim and Christine selected some of his favorite photos and sent them to me. Obviously, I can't put all 48 up at once, but I will be putting some select ones on his site very soon. They will be rotated so that they'll all be up eventually. There are also some priceless Fudge photos, my favorite being the Fudge receiving the Golden Gondola Award in Italy. That one I've already sent to Casey to put in the Fudge Gallery where it belongs.

I've also been busy trekking after Vince so I can keep up on the progress of his CD. In fact, as soon as I post this, I'm off to Long Island for another session. It truly is coming along. As Randy Pratt posted in the Guestbook, mixing will begin this month(December) and pressing should begin late winter for an early spring release. I'm telling you it will be worth the wait! Everytime I think Vince can't make a track any better, he tells the Engineer to "load it up" he wants to hear something, then comes up with another great, and better, change to something.

Please forgive me for being delinquent in the forum.