Song Catalog (1966 - 1984)

Between 1966-1984, Vanilla Fudge released 7 commercial LP's & 10 Singles on the Wand and ATCO Record labels. The Songs recorded on those records by Vanilla Fudge are listed below for easy reference. Also included in this list are four songs which were never released by any record company but which the Vanilla Fudge recorded. The 1993 Rhino compilation CD is also referenced in this list as it still remains available to the fan at the time this list was compiled.The Psychedelic Sundae CD contains some "singles mixes" of songs that have never been released in the US before or rare tracks never previously released in any form before (ie "All in Your Mind").

  1. About Me (Pomus, Kooklas): Pigeons LP, 2:35

  2. All In Your Mind (Appice,Bogert, Martell, Stein): Psychedelic Sundae CD compilation., 3:02

  3. Bang Bang (S. Bono): Vanilla Fudge LP, 5:20

  4. The Beat Goes On (S. Bono): The Beat Goes On LP, 1:57; 1:32; 1:00; 1:50; 2:20.

  5. Break Song (Appice, Bogert, Martell, Stein) Near the Beginning LP , 23:27

  6. Church Bells of St. Martins (M. Stein): Rock & Roll LP, 4:40

  7. Come By Day, Come By Night (M. Stein): Single, Psychedelic Sundae CD compilation., 2:56

  8. Day Tripper (Lennon & McCartney): The Beat Goes On LP, 1:45

  9. Don't Fence Me In (C. Porter): The Beat Goes On LP , 0:52

  10. Don't Look Back (Robinson/White): Pigeons LP, 3:27

  11. Don't Stop Now (Bogert, St. Nicklaus, Bosnian, Walker, Feldman, Smith, Fontaine),Mystery LP, 4:13

  12. Eleanor Rigby (Lennon & McCartney): Vanilla Fudge LP, 8:24

  13. Faceless People (C. Appice): Renaissance LP, 5:55

  14. Fur Elise (Beethoven): The Beat Goes On LP, 6:33

  15. Game Is Over,The (Bourtayre, Bouchety): The Beat Goes On LP, 8:57

  16. Golden Age Dreams (Stein, Appice, Bishop): Mystery LP, 4:32

  17. Good Good Livin', note: ATCO record label mislabeled this single to read "Good Good Lovin', but it's correct title is "Good Good Livin', according to BMI) (Appice, Bogert, Martell, Stein): single and  Psychedelic Sundae CD., 2:58

  18. Good Lovin'(Resnick- Clark): Pigeons LP, 2:03

  19. Hot Blood (M. Stein, C. Appice, S. Sheets): Mystery LP, 4:10

  20. Hound Dog (Lieber, Stoller): The Beat Goes On LP, 0:43

  21. I Can't Make It Alone (Goffin, King): Rock & Roll LP, 4:45

  22. If You Gotta Make A Fool of Somebody (R. Clark): Rock & Roll LP, 6:00

  23. Illusions of My Childhood (Appice, Bogert, Martell,Stein): Vanilla Fudge LP, 0.20;0.23;0.22

  24. In The Mood (Garland, Razaf): The Beat Goes On LP, 0:45

  25. It Gets Stronger (M. Stein, R. Bishop):Mystery LP, 5:19

  26. I Want To Hold Your Hand (Lennon, McCartney):The Beat Goes On LP, 1:45

  27. I Who Have Nothing (Mogol, Lieber,Stoller): Pigeons LP, 4:09

  28. Jealousy (M. Stein, R. Bishop, L. Merlino): Mystery LP, 3:55

  29. Like a Rolling Stone (Bob Dylan) Unreleased

  30. The Look of Love (Bacharach/David): Single, Psychedelic Sundae CD compilation, 2:49

  31. Lord In The Country (M. Stein): Rock & Roll LP, 4:30

  32. Merchant (Appice, Bogert, Martell, Stein): The Beat Goes On LP, 8:57

  33. Midnight Hour (Pickett, Cropper): Pigeons LP, 3:41

  34. Moonlight Sonata (Beethoven): The Beat Goes On LP, 6:33

  35. Mustang Sally (Rice): Pigeons LP, 3:33

  36. Mystery (M. Stein, C. Appice, R. Bishop, S. Proffer): Mystery LP, Single, 4:35

  37. My World is Empty (Holland, Dozier, Holland):Mystery LP, 4:02

  38. Need Love (Appice, Bogert, Martell, Stein): Rock & Roll LP, 4:57

  39. Old Black Joe (Traditional): The Beat Goes On LP, 0:46

  40. One More Heartache (?) : unreleased

  41. Paradise (Stein/Appice): Renaissance LP, 5:59

  42. People (Stein, Bogert, Martell, Appice): Single, 5:20

  43. People Get Ready (C. Mayfield): Vanilla Fudge LP, 6:30

  44. Season of the Witch (D. Leitch): Reanissance LP, 8:40

  45. She Loves You (Lennon, McCartney): The Beat Goes On, 1:45

  46. She's Not There (R. Argent): Vanilla Fudge LP, 4:55

  47. Shotgun (Autry De Walt): Near the Beginning LP, 6:10

  48. Sketch (Appice, Bogert, Martell, Stein):The Beat Goes On LP, 2:55

  49. The Sky Cried - When I Was A Boy (Stein, Bogert):Renaissance LP, 7:36

  50. Some Velvet Morning (L. Hazlewood):Near the Beginning LP, 7:34

  51. Spell That Comes After, The (C. Schenkel): Renaissance LP, 4:29

  52. Stranger, The (M. Stein, C. Appice, R. Bishop): Mystery LP, 4:52

  53. Street Walking Woman (Appice, Bogert, Martell, Stein): Rock & Roll LP, 6:00

  54. Take Me For A Little While (Trade Martin):Vanilla Fudge LP, 3:27

  55. Take What You Want (?): unreleased

  56. That's What Makes A Man (M. Stein):Renaissance LP, 4:28

  57. Thoughts (V. Martell): Renaissance LP, 3:28

  58. Ticket to Ride (Lennon, McCartney):Vanilla Fudge LP, 5:40

  59. Twelfth Street Rag (Bowman, Razaf): The BEat Goes On LP, 0:49

  60. Under Suspicion (M. Stein, C. Appice, R. Bishop, S. Proffer): Mystery LP, 3:54

  61. Upset the People (I. Foxx/C. Foxx): Pigeons LP, 3:00

  62. Variations On Divertimento No. 13 in F Major (Mozart):The Beat Goes On LP, 0:45

  63. Voices in Time (Appice, Bogert, Martell, Stein with samples from: Neville Chamberlain, Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt,Harry S. Truman, John F.Kennedy, & others): The Beat Goes On  LP. 8:09

  64. Walk On By (Bacharach, David): Mystery LP, 4:57

  65. When I Was A Boy (Stein, Bogert): Renaissance LP, 7:36

  66. Where Is Happiness (C. Appice): Near the Beginning LP, 6:59

  67. Where is My Mind (M. Stein): Single, Psychedelic Sundae CD compilation, 2:44

  68. Windmills of Your Mind (A. Bergman, M. Bergman, M.Legrand):Rock & Roll LP, A 8:52/ C 6:04

  69. You Can't Do That (Lennon & MacCartney): unreleased

  70. You Keep Me Hangin' On (Holland, Dozier, Holland):Vanilla Fudge LP, Single, 7:20

  71. You're My Soul and Inspiration (Mann, Weil): Pigeons LP, 3:25