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Vanilla Fudge Fans - We are sorry that this site no longer exists. Stan Vaughn is a huge Vanilla Fudge fan and contributed greatly to this site. He also contributed many previously unpublised photos to us, and to Sundazed Music for the release of the Vanilla Fudge CDs. We will leave this paragraph up in the hope Stan will return with his site someday. ~ Stan Vaughn's Vanilla Fudge site for fans. Stan has been a major contributor to this site. He also supplied many previously unpublished photos to Sundazed Music for the release of the Vanilla Fudge CDs, and is mentioned in Special Thanks on all the Sundazed Vanilla Fudge releases. His memorabelia collection is second to none.

For adults only, not for the faint of heart, I'm sure it was just some Mother's Invention. Anyway, "I wanna hear Caravan with a drum sola! Youse Guys Stink, bring on The Fudge!" shouted this beligerent drunk to Frank Zappa as The Mothers opened for Vanilla Fudge on Long Island in 1968. Learn the inspiration behind the The Mud Shark Dancing Lesson!

How Music Affects Your Kids - Play Vanilla Fudge to a cucumber and watch it pickle-ate. A classic 60's study that finally explains my personality. Ahem.

The Musician's Institute in California, had Tim Bogert on its faculty for many years.

Bobby Rodgers Favorite Bands - A short favorable review of The Fudge opening for Cream. Read an interesting observation on the changes in Mark Stein as he performed with the late Tommy Bolin

Ten Worst Album Concepts Of All Time - The Fudge finally makes #1. See what you get when you innovate? Then there are the worst article concepts...

Archer & Valerie's LAW & DISORDER Page - Find out how a scratch in a Fudge record helped catch a thief!